Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Postings from an MSN Board from Hell: Jennifer Wilbanks, How Dare Thee Live?!!!

Somehow I made the mistake of clicking on today's apparent breaking news on MSN that Jennifer Wilbanks is sueing her ex. And the ADDitional mistake of looking on the response/message boards accompanying said story.

I learned today that the supposed 'mainstream' chatter on this board is absolutely meaner than nails. I have never seen such bile and hatred for a person that I will guess 99.9% don't even know. If I were an alien, whether from another country or planet, I would think these people are either dumber than a box of nails or the most bitter, grudge-holding wretches on the planet.

I must say this reinforces my belief that people suck, and I continue to be glad that I have dropped out of society as much as I can. All I can say is, if I do ever make it on Oprah or have a well-published book, I sure hope I don't make a mistake because them American idgets are brutal!!!!

I am Very proud to say that I posted twice. Not proud so much because of the silly subject but because I know that even a year ago I never would not have attempted it, because I would have thought things like: my opinion doesn't matter, I'll just incite the masses, I can't write on crap like that!

But I did. And I really think my posts were far more insightful than 'Death to the b*tch!' , 'Give back the presents' (not what it was about, Hello!) , 'crazy,' and 'should give the money back to the people who searched for her,' 'the guy's lucky he got out when he did,' 'she's a liar,' 'a gold digger'...yes, I think that covers a lot of almost 1,000 responses so far.

So I know you're dying to know what Tart had to say. And here it is:

Earlier Post:

I applaud her for finally using some chutzpah to have some control over her life. If she had found it in herself before, none of this probably would have happened.

Why berate her for having sold her story and making the money in the first place? It is her story, media is based on capitalism and voyeurism whether you like it or not and nobody made you read it.

She's definitely got issues, every pic I ever saw she looks like a deer in headlights. But she doesn't have to feel 'lucky' her man stuck by her so long. A real man would not mess with agreed money, he'd just settle it and stop making her look crazier. Sounds like he has a score to settle and it may have been the long way, but it looks like she's better off without him!

On and on the tirades went, really cruel. I continued to think about the subject, here is my last and final post on crazy board (and I'm referring to the post-ers!)

What is the fixation on the search party that looked for Jennifer Wilbanks? I was under the impression that the most important thing in looking for a person was finding them alive. She had serious error of judgment but that doesn’t make it right that so many people would be more satisfied if she had been sexually abused or dead.

There’s no doubt Ms. Wilbanks had/has serious personal issues. She has made a lot of public stupid bad decisions. And she continues to be kindling for a lot of weird public rage. It is interesting that I have never heard a public outcry for real criminals who hurt and murder children to pay back the tax debt of what it took for concerned citizens and authorities to conduct a search for a child only for it to end in the worst way possible. THINK of the searchers, some people cry in the Wilbanks case, but its okay for the public to write off real crimes in the Debit category of ‘Tragedy’ and leave it at that. Are we just a little bitter that she may have more money than the average: Hmmm…so much of this sounds like bitter jealousy to me, not pretty is it?

For the 50 millionth time, this case is not about wedding presents. Thank you to all for the misguided wedding etiquette tips. Someone somewhere should read past the headline and see that it is mostly about the money received for selling her story (along with another of her misjudgments: giving away her POA). Again, why have a beef with that as obviously tons of people are clamoring to read it so they can go off.

But the real truth, I think, of what she is doing is attempting to reclaim her life. Yes, money is involved, but you know what, if I went thru that hell, and procured some $$ from a publisher I would feel that it is mine. After all, everyone says a man would be crazy to ever be with her again, so she better take some 'income' while she can, no? Stupid, stupid mistake was to give this man Power of Attorney over her things - honey, that's too much power to give to a man, especially when you are so young. This is proof positive that she is willing to literally give her power away. I am heartened when a woman takes it back. I am not even fazed by the rest of the crap.


'Tart said...

The title of this is a joke, people. The people on MSN were skewering her and I actually feel fine about her. A Joke, joke, joke. So don't feel guilty about reading it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being the first reasonable blog on this I have read. It surprises me that people seem able to turn the cheek on so many heinous crimes and injustices but for some reason there is no such charity for Jennifer. Reading the media circus surrounding this latest round and comparing it to what I know to be fact has seriously shaken my faith in the “free press” let alone the craziness in blog land Pretty much every “fact” is warped to help them paint her as a heartless bitch, from the reasons behind the filing to details of her life since, all pure fabrication, I even say a picture of here where they had obviously stretched it in photoshop to make it look like she had put on weight (NY post). I feel very concerned and sorry for Jennifer at this time, I know that she did not file this suit frivolously and it took a lot of courage to do so, knowing full well what a can of worms it would open.

'Tart said...

Thank you for leaving a nice response, as an Anonymous. I'm glad you came by.

People are just so stupid. They need everything broken down in easily consumable bits so their brains don't just break down. And if you dare to have a brain be prepared for others to either ignore it because it is frightening and too difficult to comprehend or mean and evil for the very same reason.

It's a common problem. (Forrest Gump)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I posted anonymous because I know Jennifer and don't want my details out there. Needless to say that there is very little fact or reality in anything that is written from what she is sueing for to why she is doing it to what hers friends think or how she is. She is very upset right now at the renewed attention she is getting I can assure you that it is the last thing she wants. Whats more I would like to say that she is one of the nicest people I know and wouldn't wish harm on her worst enemy, reading all the crap out there is physically sickening to me.

'Tart said...

Dear Anonymous,
Please tell Jennifer that I for one certainly wish her the best. I too, cannot understand why people can be so meeeean about something that doesn't even affect them and about something that was a person's personal judgement issues. It has been seized upon with a venom that I hope that you as a friend can comfort her and tell her to ignore, although I know that it must be painful, and it is not right. God bless the woman, really, for I have often felt that there were psychological issues involved and if you've read anything else on my blog, you know it's about understanding those things and that judging is for idiots. Send my best, please let her know that there are pure strangers that care for her.