Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Apparently a lot more people need to be on medication.

I read about the Lancaster school shooting in the AMISH community this evening. I am just so angered by the selfishness of this individual who did it. I pray for the people left on the earth, and their devastated families. When I think of the person who would do this...I am at a loss, as I know that he will be dealt with by the One True Judge.

Always I think when children are hurt by whatever kind of predator or evil about the Bible verse that I wish these mongrels of existence would take to heart before they ever picked up a weapon or touched a child. Of course, I don't have the exact verse (perhaps I'll look it up for exactitude) but I know that it was said by the Lord Jesus Christ himself and is recorded in the New Testament: Whoa be it unto you that hurts a child, for it should be (or you will wish) that you had never been born at all.

He does not tolerate that. There was nearly nothing on Earth that He loved as much as a child. And OUR laws should respect that, in ALL aspects of child abuse and evil done to them.


There were many reader responses to today's news. Below is my favorite, found on MSN (of course!) because of its sincerity, truthfulness and gets right to it. Bless him, he's 13!

I'm 13 years old and in junior high school. I know how difficult it is to fit in. I just am worried that someday, someone's words, or even just resentfulness to others, may push someone over the edge. I've seen firsthand what terrible things some kids can do out of hate, fear, and just not being accepted. It's scary sometimes, but you have to live on even after these events. You also can't just suspect that one group of people is capable of doing this. Anyone can honestly be a hazard to anyone else.— Tucker

Evil does exist. My feeling about it is: Take care of yourself in terms of trying to keep it weeded out of your life. But know that evil is the big test(s) in this life. My feelings of occasional suicide are, I believe firmly, the work of Satan. Every time I conquer it I know that I've scored one for the Lord. And I tell $&*&#! so:"I won! You tried to take me out but I'm here, and you HAVE LOST!! I take GREAT joy in that.

The other thing is, you can't control other people most times, and bad things can occur. If you have your ducks in order and are doing the best you can, I suggest telling your loved ones every chance you get that you LOVE them and let God deal with the rest in terms of worrying about it. You have to have some peace and that is precisely the thing that He is all about!

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mysti said...

My heart cries for the families of those girls. Evil does exist. This man if he wanted to die, why in the world did he not just take his own life? I do not understand this kind of evilness. It made me hug my sons tight this morning. I also did not want them to go to school. How sad is that, when one is in fear for the safety of ones child while sending them off to school.

Thank you for reminding me the words Of Jesus. This man will be judged harshley. Now if only some comfort will come to those poor girls families.