Thursday, October 26, 2006

Here is what I feel like today: A big fat sleepy seal (albeit an adorable one)

Here is what hit my house (internal clutter). We have made limited attempts to dig out.

Here is what I am lacking...


I have eye drops for my 'guppy' eye (an infection), antibiotics for my toe (an infection) and the energy and desire to do anything of a slug. May God save my soul. And lead me out to the pasture and shoot me. :)

Oh, I'm kidding. You healthy people go out there and help the National Product, would ya? Me and my friends are sucking it dry, and I hear we are getting a 3% raise for doing exactly what they expect - nada. So work, work, work people. You are paying for my aches and pains, my mental anguish, every mood swing I've ever experienced, my Ebay and Hallmark habit, the crap I bought on QVC today, my therapist, psychiatrist and meds. Luckily, I haven't bought groceries in a month and a half, so everyone's off the hook for that.

If I'm going to have no energy I will make fun of those that do or torment you outright. Oh, and did I mention that when you get yourself up at 5 or 6 a.m., I'll still be snoozing till the crack of noon or later? I know you enjoy that job of yours. You are paying me to do nothing at all! I wouldn't let out the secret of how *we* live if I wasn't purily ashamed of it. But what do you? Looks like nothing at all.



'Tart said...

Yeah, well I'm feeling like *smack* so forgive me if I slipped and either told the truth or wasn't my *usual* sweet self. I'm so tired, a mere zombie, going thru the day. Nah, this cannot be the low? Anyhow, the haters find me months after the fact. I guess their too busy with their careers at the moment.

mysti said...

((((Tart)))) Just thought I would let you know that ben made it through the He is still sick, but looking better. Blessings my friend, I hope you feel better soon.