Tuesday, October 3, 2006

What an Idiot.

I was just going to post a pic, but I got a brief glance at one the headlines on MSN a moment ago, "Foley Abused as a Teen."

Is this an excuse? A cry for someone somewhere to feel sorry for him? He's a grown man, isn't he a frickin' Senator or something? Didn't a bunch of idiots somewhere vote him in office, probably based somehow on the concept that he was responsible?? Or at least give him any position anywhere partly based on thinking that he was responsible? I say that because I don't what the hell he does for a living besides the fact that he was sexually inappropriate with Senate pages.

If you are abused at any point in your life, would not this supremely teach you that it is a horrible thing, as in, you personally not only did not enjoy being abused, you flat out did not like it?

Why then inflict in on others?

Are we going to hear this is a new sickness and that when a person is 'infected' with it at any age they may simply feel the need to inflict/infect another and can't be held responsible, couldn't help themselves?

Anything and everything to keep from taking personal responsibility for one's own actions. This seems a no-brainer to me. Fine, you don't want to think about the after-effects of what you do beforehand but then the rest of us have to clean up the mess and try to find some justice afterward.

What a *#^$^&@*!!!!

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