Thursday, October 5, 2006

Ah yes, Guns in Schools... suggested by fools.

You've just got to be kidding. Republicans in the great state of Wisconsin are considering outfitting teachers and principals with GUNS!!! Yes, take no notice when you're quiet, demure English teacher has to adjust or pick up her nine in the middle of the lesson.

I don't want to even think about the kids that would take advantage of the situation.

So is the NRA gearing up for the new NEAA gun club? 'We teach the children,' as well as teachers how to hold their anger in when they'd like to take a kid out instead sending them to the principal.

By the way, adults doooo 'teach the children.' What kind of message is this sending to kids, in oh so many ways? I'm thinking none of them good. How could you have any control over the environment when kids could claim 'confusion' and thought it was okay to bring Their Nine in to class?

It makes sense that a bunch of old(er) fools that have either never given birth to a child (hold on now, there may be something to this) OR are too old to have recalled the public school experience would suggest this kind of ridiculousness.

Outfitting the teachas' with guns is just ridiculous. I can see it now, a blanket petition from the English department refusing to be outfitted on the grounds that it's just not our thing. THEN what do you do? Force them to after school shooting range duty, cause that's part of their contract? Do the politicians REAlize how liberal most teachers tend to be? Honestly, they were able to hide it pretty well in public school when I went, but its ALL over in college (they're ALL liberal, 'kay?), and you had to kiss bottom a lot in college, whether you liked it or not, to turn out to be a teacher, ya know?

I enjoy this so because it's so dang crazy, like something out of the Twilight Zone. I can tell you with the hellish experiences I had just with psychotic mania alone in 11th grade, I probably wouldn't have gone back if they had gun totin' teachers. And think of all the world would have lost.

My suggestion is real security in and around schools. Don't involve teachers in it, it is NOT their job. After realizing that their is no hope in securing our borders (as much as I wish it were possible), take that National Guard and security force and put it where it needs to be: protecting our children and teaching others how to, there are unemployed people that could learn a skill, or employed ones that can gain a sense of pride.

Hello, I haven't given birth and I'm not a mommy, but I think these are good ideas. How hard, people, how hard?


Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

Hey Tart Woman! I agree with ya 100%! As the hubby of a teacher, the day my wife packs heat to school is the day we move to Antarctica! Have a good one!

Raine said...

seems to me I remember they have taken paddles and such OUT of school...... only to replace them with GUNS? thats insane. OH yes I see its to protect the students. Um whats to stop them from being used on the students? or taken by a student and used on a teacher or other students? HORRIFICALLY BAD idea

'Tart said...

EXactly! That's why it's clear these politicians must have dementia. Teachers in the Old West didn't have guns either, that I know of, and they SHOULD have been more likely to have needed them!