Thursday, June 8, 2006

The Moon is my friend tonight...

It's much brighter tonight in reality, with clouds moving across it. It is beautiful because it shines down on me, and I am alive to see it.

It is quiet, except for the (decided louder) hum of neighbor's air conditioner, and ours, and I look down the back of the suburban houses with a light or two in their windows.

I made a pot roast tonight, my first ever. As I put the top on the crock pot I asked God to bless it, I hope it turns out good. I think it should rock! because I braised the enourmous chunk o meat and made beautiful gravy. Before that I cut carrots, potatoes and celery with a knife given to me for my wedding, used for the first time. It's going for 10 hours, which considering the meat is over 3 lbs. I *think* that's a good time for it.

What a homey thing, to make a creation like this. What a blissful place to be, in this house, my childhood home, soon to be part in my name. Who would have known after the terror and instability of being psychotic 11 years ago that life could get this good? Always believing the bottom could drop out, I know that establishing a foundation is key to just being able to live normal. Thank God, our Heavenly Father, who keeps pulling me more and more in that direction.


Enigma said...

awww, tart, sounds like you are having a awsome night! I'm so glad.
The pot roast sound yummy too.

mysti said...

I so happy that things are working out for you! You deserve all the happiness in the world Tart. May God continue to bless you and yours.

Reading about the pot roast, just sent me into a major craving for it. That is my favorite meal. Growing up when ever my mother asked me what I would like to eat , my anwer was one of two answers. Pot Roast, or French toast! Yummmm

Raine said...

Its nice to hear you sounds so happy and content