Friday, June 30, 2006

Gone to the Dogs! and couldn't be happier!!

Complete steal off MSN (a feature they had 6/29/06, hope that's enough of a citation)! Well anyway, these are the steals of noteworthiness of celebs and their pooches.

I happen to know, through vast vacuous knowledge, that Drew Barrymore is attached to her dog for more reasons than the obvious. He saved her life from a fire. Nuff said! This her during filming of "Driving in Cars with Boys" which I liked very much.

Husband cannot STAND Anna Nicole, probably for obvious reasons (I think its mostly the voice) but I could not resist this face (hers) with Sugarpie. What a crazy person AND not afraid to show off that expensive dental work!

I couldn't care less about Jessica Alba until I heard the good news. She has accepted Pugs as her personal saviour. Yup, this is Sid and, of course, at home is Nancy. I am now lovin' Jessica Alba. What the heck was she in last? Deep Water or something? Whatever. She loves Pugs. My new personal hero in skinny girl form.

Okay, like I tell you below, I'm outta here for the weekend. Everyone enjoy yourselves, I'll miss you and you know what - I love you guys, considered yourself hugged. Okay, smooched too, Mwanh. From me the Tart to you. :)

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mysti said...

gotta love dogs! Very cute pics.... I am speaking of the dogs of course... lol.