Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hey-ya! I survived the flood and reports of my death are greatly overexaggerated!

Ahh...Thursday night in my area was an incredible storm. Blame it on the cig habit but I came outside to see the sky lighting up in weird ways and freaking me out. It really reminded me of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, with pink and orange lighting in seemingly one area, no actual 'bolts' of lightning, hovering over the house.

This made me even think that the nation's capital was getting bombed, because it was such an unfamiliar storm. I thought, "Crap, we really are getting Armegeddon and I still don't have an emergency food supply." Funny the things that run through your mind.

So I got Husband, and undramatically enough, he confirmed that it was a thunderstorm. So we go inside and turn on the national Weather Channel only to find our little city in the tickertape at the bottom warning of an impending storm, possible 63 mph winds. We go outside to reel in our umbrellas (we have a couple of these) and other stuff to batten down the hatches.

Then I took my meds and had both the cat and the dog on me as I drifted off into slumberland, while the wind, rain, thunder and lightening tore up the outside. I did wake up once in the middle of night and it was still goin at it.

We wake up the next morning with tree debris and devastation. I just say that last one for effect because after seeing what Katrina did to N.O. its nothing at all. No one was going to lose a house in this. It's just that I found it fascinating to see the I took a few pictures. Which I have literally tried for days to post and Blogger photo is being beastly. I can't get things to go up that I tried previously (gorgeous pic of one of the CEofthe3rdKind ship, pics of my backyard and damage to neighbors') so I GIVE UP. Here is my post. And you thought I was dead!

Now understand, I have been trying to post this for four days. I don’t understand the problem with pictures on this thing but I have been doggedly working at it, cause the Close Encounters pic is so cool.

We have had rain for 3 days so far. The radio said two or three inches a day, and plenty of flash flood warnings. So yesterday I got a craving (cover yo eyes, Mysti and Enigma) for a Snickers. So we went up to our local 7-Eleven in Husband’s SUV cause I fear for my cute lil PT Cruiser (oooh, bet you didn’t know I had one!!) washing away (its low to the ground).

And this evening we made a Wendy’s run for the (hide ‘em gals!) spicy chicken sandwich and we’re listening to the radio and an ad for the new (Again!) brownie hot fudge Sunday came on and wouldn’t you know we were parked near a McDonald’s to consume our Wendy’s (yup, we’re the sickos you see eating in the car in a parking lot – don’t look we might stick our tongues out!!) so we went and got one each. Husband says, “Do you think this is a low-fat brownie?” And I’m like, “Unh unh, or else they would advertise it. It would be a selling point.” Then over to the Blockbuster to turn in “The World’s Fastest Indian” with Anthony Hopkins, which we all enjoyed, definitely a thumbs up. I had given up on shoes when leaving the house and surveying the river in front of our house and car. So after shoving the movie in the slot I run squealing into the car while the eaves pour rain onto me right as I get in. That was fun! And I don’t feel it’s outside of my personality to squeal and be silly. I recommend it!

Well, the home purchase was a definite good buy, because while I heard reports of people buying out the sump pump section of Home Depot, we were warm, safe, and DRY! That would be because our home is equipped with two, countem two sump pumps and many inches of rain like that made no difference to our house. Next door neighbor had part of a tree go down on his power lines, Power Co. comes and only saws off the part that was touching the lines, lazy bastards. I guess they don't see themselves in the tree cutting business because he had a huge branch also hanging on the same trunk stem that they didn't touch. This also does not surprise me.

Well if anyone understands what magic and jjuju necessary to make Blogger photo button actually work please let me know. I tried every combination over and over and over again and it just wouldn't.


mysti said...

Glad you are suriving the floods! I want a brownie....dang.... still can not. Blogger is a pain, sometimes it works for me sometimes it does not... I had to put a spell on my computer so pics would show.... LOL..... truthfully so far this week it has worked for me! yayyyyyy... no spell even..

'Tart said...

Well, your posting just may be the 'spell' my photo Blogger needed cause baby, I'm BACK! Yeah, that is working now, so I worked it and put huge photos up. It's funny how such a little thing can crank ya and how it working makes me SSOOOOO Happy! Mmhm.

Sooooomedaaaay you can have a brownie again Mysti (Think Streisand, and congrats on doing so well on your diet. You are an inspiration. :)

Raine said...

YAY!!!I was wondering where you went!! Im happy to hear you are ok. I'm back online after the most fantastic weekend which the whole world will hearing about shortly . I will be catching up on blogs this afternoon in preparation for either a very long blog or several shorter ones LOLOL Glad to see you back my friend!!!