Saturday, June 17, 2006

Dear Eni,

I thought I had fonts and colors from Word. Only to find when I transferred to Compose - no good, it didn't show. Ay-yi-yi!

Does anyone know how to discourage a cat from eating a plant? I got a beautiful orchid from Ikea today, and I put it in a high place that he can quite easily get to, as evident in the major chewing he did on the plant I had there before. If you know of anything that works I’d soooo like to know!

Medicine: kicking in.
So, over and out Houston. I am down for the countdown.


Enigma said...

Well, catch me on-line and we'll go over it and see what went wrong.

As for the cat, it seems like there is something, but I don't remember what. If no-one else comes up with anything, I'll ask around.

mysti said...

I am having the exact same problems with adding color to my font.

I have no idea regarding the plant since I do not have one.

Raine said...

theres supposed to be something you can buy at the pet store called bitter something or other that you can spray on and around things that cats dont like.

jennifer said...

I have never used this, because I've never had cats, but my grandma did and said it worked great. Mix some dish soap with water in a spray bottle (a few drops of soap should do it) and lightly spray the plant.