Saturday, June 3, 2006

I realized as I was figuring how to write a recipe that it was just like my Technical Writing class in college, and that it made every bit of sense that if I didn't feel 'non-fictionish' that I would go this route.

What made me more than anything want to post recipes was taking pictures of them as I do them and it just seemed so fun. I think everyone can relate to disasters, whether having cheese blops from your nacho dip or a sink full of dishes that you can't deal with at that moment. I like to think that if you share those things, you make others feel better and know that we don't have to be so dang perfect all the time. At least, that is why I tried doing it. The kitchen's much better now, so if I ever post one of that it's only because I like to share miracles too.

I have a couple more recipes with pics if you want to see them, just let me know.

Why start a new blog of them when I can put them here, and my hobbies seem to change so I think I'm not ready for that. On a personal note, I think many things for me are in limbo until after the SS thing. I've have one continuous cold, icky something for weeks and I think I'm like our cat, its stress.

By the way, the gourgeous booger is Healthy!!! Unbelievably, every test has come back that he is fine. Moreover, you can see it in the way he acts: he's not so lethargic and he participates in his duties: eat, drink and poop! as well as walking around and being demanding! Yay!

Let's hope other aspects here at the Jungle go as well. Husband's coming with me to the Inquisition so if I lose it, perhaps he can pick up the ball. Love to all,

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mysti said...

Great Idea about posting the recipes here! I am glad to know that your darling booger is fine... lol