Saturday, June 3, 2006

The Best Nacho Dip You Ever Made At Home

Here is the fabulous cheese dip that can keep you dipping for days. Me being 'cheese pig' I made this for me and its A LOT! Luckily it refrigerates well, just renuke and stir. This is my friend E's recipe (a different lovely lady from Enigma :) It is a great newbie recipe (meaning it's simple; I love making it and being the owner of my very own awesome homemade movie dip makes me feel special and thrifty. This is a cheaper alternative to store bought dip!) only requiring stirring and a microwave and comes out as a lovely dish! The end result is at the bottom, first pic is my first documented disaster! A little gross, but this is what happens when you put your Velveeta in and don't stir enough. Luckily, still plenty left after all even with glops removed!

I considered after everything if I should have melted less than the entire box of Velveeta but I recall my friend making the whole thing, so I recommend the same.

Fabulous Movie Watchin' Cheese Dip Recipe

1 entire large box of Velveeta process cheese (let yourself go, you're watchin' a movie!)
1 can of Hormel chili, no beans
1 bottle of salsa (Chi-chi's mild is good)
2 cans of corn

Melt that whole Velveeta chunk o' cheese in a large Corningware container (or a microwavable bowl of good size that will be able to handle all of these ingredients) in the microwave. It is helpful to cut it into smaller chunks, keeping it all together in the bowl for better melting. You can put it in for 10 minutes but stop it every 2 minutes or so and KEEP STIRRING (this is the key in not creating your own documentable disaster!). Continue to check and stir your cheese until it smoothes and takes on a 'nacho look' (meaning melted cheese), now add the chili, the entire can, again stirring every 2 to 3 minutes. It's really starting to look like nacho dip after 5-10 minutes or so, be sure to look and check consistency. Add salsa, microwave and stir every couple of minutes like above, and finally the corn. You don't want to forget the corn because well its important to the darn recipe okay! Not the same without it!

And that's it folks! You have enough dip to couple with tortilla chips for the whole family or if it's just for you, refrigerate after use. I was able to dip for three different home movie dates!

My first "Documented Disaster!"

What it looks like as I added the corn

End result!

Nobody's perfect! And this had nothing to do with my nacho dip! Doesn't that make you feel better?


Raine said...

LOLOL I love it!! that looks like a REAL kitchen. Take THAT Martha!!!I vote for Tart

mysti said...

OHHHH YUMMMMMM, and gosh darn it I am not allowed cheese on this new eating plan I am trying for six weeks. Pouting big time, because I can not even have the tortilla chips! Well drat I will have to try this after I lose all my goal weight. Thanks for sharing. OH btw that looks like my kitchen right now..... Shutting my eyes, cause I am not going to do the dishes right now. Guess the flylady would be disappointed.