Monday, June 12, 2006

Like, really?

Here's my good ol' Horoscope from MSN to-day:

This is a good day for you to stay in and rest, dear Virgo. Trying to make sense of things today may only leave you frustrated and upset. This is not a day to try to find analytical reasoning in regards to the way things are done. This is a day to see the big picture and to feel more than think. Strong forces are urging you to see the other side of the picture so that you can create a better sense of balance in your life.

All I needed was the first sentence. Mmmhmm, I'm all with that. I ventured out to Chic-fil-a with the Madre and that was enough human contact for moi.

Which conveniently leads me to my next rant. It's a sad sight and thing to hear, the high school girls playing Lindsay Lohan/Paris Hilton/Nicole Richie bitch wannabe. Understand that 'Valley Girl' (speak) began during MY tender years of middle school. No self respecting wanna be would ever say "Gag me with a spoon" anymore but you know (!) precisely what I'm talking about, Like, Oh ma God! I refused to take VG as my first language, but in fact I am conversant in it and have been lowered (that's what it seems like to me) to speaking it if I converse with one thick in the accent. It does, actually, make ME wanna gag myself.

This has become a culture, a ridiculous way for many sad, vacuous, self-esteemless young woman to to get together and the upshot as I see it, be cruel to others. And now it seems it is not only tolerated but down right encouraged.

You'd think they'd want to shed any remnant of something of their mothers, I hear most generations don't wanna be like mom. The language started in the 80's but the attitude is getting much worse than we had it.

I can say this cause I went back to school and the difference between a gal in her later 20's with focus is vastly different than the younglings, the age when I first started college myself, that I had to be in class with. I almost wanted to laugh (okay, I'm sure I did) when young things could not understand why they weren't doing as well in class or why their dumbass comments were overlooked (and I say that painfully as no woman comments should be dumbass, sheesh) and I could wait for the right moment and blow the class and professor away and score. Look, MENSA is NOT going to induct me Ever, I'm not a bonafide genius, yes Tart admits it. But EXPERIENCE beats drinking all night and partying with the frat boys, kapish?

When I get upset about the party girls, high school, college, or sadly they are now being released into society as whole, when I want to embarrass them or kick their ass (hey, mania's a wonderful thing!) I remember having to walk through the State (mental) hospital with a certain particular evil girl always screaming things at me. She had me quite terrified for a while, because she was not only the cruelest of the cruel, she walked around like she would kick my ass or kill me.

I learned to get by her, actually by using a walkman and literally tuning her out, just so I could go to meals at the cafeteria or, my favorite, Occupational Therapy (known lovingly as OT) where I could do crafts and create and have just the semblance of happiness. She eventually lost her power over me. It probably helped that a good friend of mine, a friendship developed in the hospital, gave her the what fer. J was black (I only say that cause I remember that about her, wouldn't you like to know more of what she looks like?), bipolar and pregnant with twins and she suffered no fools. We were friends even when I was at my lowest and shittiest and no one else would come near me. So anyway...

I tell myself forevermore there can be no dumbass whitebred girl without a clue of reality, that can have much of a real affect on me.

I consider it a miracle that in the 6 months that I was kept in that hospital I had no real physical altercations. I've never had to kick anyone's ass (or had mine kicked for that matter). It's funny because it almost seems more likely for that to happen on the outside (as we always called it inside the luuuuuny bin). Sad world isn't it? And they say we're crazy.


mysti said...

You just brought me back to my highschool days. They were pretty scary. I hate to even admit this, but I am from the Valley In california where it all started. SF VAlley. My twin thought it fun to talk the Valley girl talk. I just flat out thought it was dumbing yourself down if you bought into talking like the valley girls. A bunch of air heads in my mind. It is scary if it is coming back and worse! Just great.... Oh well, if young girls want to dumb themselves dumb and be airheads, I do not want to hear any complaints when people do not take them seriously.

Raine said...

how funny - around here now they are speaking "ghetto" I'm beginning to wonder why schools bother teaching English. It just doesn't seem as if anyone is interested in learning it

Enigma said...

Hey, meet me on MSN sometime & we'll work on your fonts.

jennifer said...

I am in Temecula, CA, and my older son just graduated from h.s. I have to say that the boys I know are much more articulate sounding than the girls. I grew up Mormon and most of my friends were LDS, so we did not swear or talk trash or anything. It still shocks me to hear girls say the F word all the time and talk like rough men who go to bars a lot.