Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Are You Ready For This?

How wrong it would be if after two months of whining and fear if I did not share today's big decision with all.

Your prayers worked, my friends, a miracle HAS occurred: Tart's debt to Social Security is ERASED.

I will allow that to sink in, as it took a bit of time for me, as well.

I am so thankful and I have to note that I am having a resurgence of my personality again. I am hopeful, I have dreams and believe again that they can come true.

I've shared with reality friends, had my steak dinner and life really is going to go on. Thank you dear blog friends, I hope you haven't given up on me, I plan to be 'back' again. The pressure was so dreadful, I think I was in a state of perpetual fear, well as you well know. I hope you will forgive me for this time that I really kept to myself. I love you all.

So, are ya wondering how this could come to be? Mrs. EyeFlutter, who is quite the character in real life, and even has a bawdy sense of humour looked at the pittance (her word) of income that I have made, back then, even now and forevermore perhaps, and felt the original decision was deeply in question. So she asked me if I had expenses at that time, transportation, medicine that kind of thing, and I said yes of course, I was on medication the whole time and there were certainly transportation costs. So she quietly kept tapping at her computer, not saying anything and we're all wondering what the hell was going on. Then Husband, who could see her flatscreen said, "She's taking those costs out of each month."

I don't think this registered with Mom and I and we kept sitting there. I was despondent because I had tried showing Mrs. EyeFlutter everything that I had amassed as ammunition and I tried my most eloquent speeches only to have her cut me off and say, "Your disability is not in question." I almost wanted to say, "But, but.." but I stopped and shed a few tears in pure frustration. I think Mrs. EyeFlutter was enjoying this because she should have been in Drama not government work, because when my Mom finally said something "What is she doing?" Mrs. EyeFlutter said to me, "Well, I think your husband has gotten it."

She was inserting those monthly costs into the computer system to literally make the overpayment melt away! God bless Mrs. EyeFlutter! She has that sense of humour I told you about and she said, "Well, I AM God!" And even stood up to share this with her co-workers, (I'm not making this up!) because I think she honestly wanted to share our joy with everyone (I'm thinking this done NOT in fact, happen every day). Interestingly, there were no co-workers to be found in the adjacent cubicles. Hmph!

Well, regardless if she's the True Diety or not, she had lifted an enourmous load off me. I think she liked that we were humble, that I brought my Mother, who in fact SAID things that had no bearing on SS rules and all, but she was passionate, and I'm sure Mrs. EyeFlutter liked that. And I brought my ball and chain and he's so practical, even-keeled and clear headed (you know, everything I'm not. :) that that must have made some impact.

It also may have helped considerably that the guy Mrs. EyeFlutter had before me, owed a $50,000 or more overpayment and was trying to convince her that he was still disabled after making $150,000 last year. We must have looked like poor humble folk, when the most I might have made was $11,000. I did tell her that regardless of all that, and this is after she melted the issue away, we knew all along that we weren't going to backdown with my $20,000 situation and were going to take it all the way to the judicial level. She gave me the power to the people sign. No kidding!!


Raine said...

Hip Hip HOORAY!!!!!! I'm so HAPPY for you!!!!

mysti said...

Standing up and clapping loudly! WooooooooHOOOOOOOO TART!!! I am so very Happy for you!!!! You deserve it girlfriend! Prayer really does work! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY