Saturday, September 6, 2008

There's no shame in shaking

In fact to have the Abilify shake, the Lithium shake, the whatever-yer-on shake, in public no less, is Not a sign of weakness.

No, in fact, for every numnut (I like it spelled that way, thank you) that you feel like looks at you funny, you are empowering someone out there to be themselves.

What is it about our society that is so hung up on appearances anyway?

You've got to learn to love and be kind to yourself and you will attract kindness in your life.

Ignore the rest. Easier said than done, for me, but I know it's true.

I know because although my Atenenol has nearly obliterated my shake, I think about people I know that still do, and some pretty empowering people too.

Now for some of you the idea of having shaking hands or being embarassed of it doesn't even enter your mind. Well, nevermind for you. But for those of you that have it, you are not alone, and you don't have to feel bad.:)

A wonderful person I look up to that started a great program around here for the mentally ill - no no one you've heard of from me before - has got the shakes big time.

And I respect her so much that I thought of how empowering it is for me that she shakes to the dickens and doesn't worry about what anyone thinks of it, and does great, organizing, empathetic things for others and it just doesn't matter.

It's not a sign of weakness, rather one of empowerment.:)


Mike Golch said...

life is grand, even if others donot understand what is going on. you should see the stairs I get when I have a seizure or an asthma attack.
So here I am accept me or not.Big Time Hugs.

'Tart said...

Amen! Big time hugs right back at cha, Mike!:)

Tracy said...

It is hard for others to relate to something they have never experienced. Those people need to remember someday it might be them! I have had shaky hands, in fact have been so bad at times i could not sign my name! It is a horrible feeling, but nothing to be ashamed of. That is for sure. So many people are not tolerant, but oh well its why God made others who are very tolerant. :) Hugs my friend. Glad you are back.

'Tart said...

I am thankful for those that God did make very tolerant, as you pointed out Tracy. I am thankful for people like you.:):):) I think it's a choice to be tolerant, and people are interesting and many do mean well, I have come to realize. Thank you for your comments.

Raine said...

If Katharine Hepburn can make On Golden Pond shaking the way she was, then none of us should be embarassed I say!

'Tart said...

I agree, Raine. Katherine Hepburn seemed like a tough as nails type lady, taking no guff, and she could still act her toukas off in her older days, with all of her shaking. That was a lady who empowered. Good point.