Monday, September 29, 2008

New Beginnings.

Well, if you had followed all those comments in the post below, you would find out that I had enough of the baking thing and the annoying person in it, and let it go.

I talked to the supervisor's Mom, who comes to each baking thing, and she said it was not my illness to be so bothered - the annoying one Really Is loud, annoying and we agreed, a drama queen. To an excess that is just not usually seen anywhere.

It takes me days, literally, to get over being in her prescence, the loudness, trying to get my thoughts back, trying to find my footing in reality, that it really isn't worth it to me to be continually subjected to it. Not to mention the gas burned only to be subjected to it (a 40-minute drive for continual unpleasantness). I realize there will always be annoying people at work, but when I work at home I've got the best boss and coworkers in the world. 'nuff said.

The supervisor's Mom said that 'annoying one' was trying for everyone, including her (the sup's Mom) even though she had managerial experience and had learned over time to basically put up with a lot.

But, get this, annoying one is trying to get a full-time job and the soft hearts at the baking program are trying to help her, and I said if she were gone, I'd come back. The Mom's super said, "of course we would like to have you back."

So it does count to be a sweetie, a nice person like myself and I might just be back whenever annoying one is gone, or for the next go-around. I actually said a prayer for annoying one that she would find her fulltime job. Why not? It can't hurt.

But I may be involved in Something New. The Drop In Center in my county is going to let me help with grants. Now that would be a sweet job for me - a grant writer.

I could be freelance, work at home mostly and help people from afar, which is how I often like doing that. (Hey, I admit it, that the helping from afar wish is probably my illness, but at least I like to help).

I will just be learning how to write a grant now, but I figure once one is done and if it turns out well I can go on word of mouth to others. It's not going to be set up tomorrow or the next day, but I have something to look forward to.

Now that I'm not strapped to the baking thing on Tuesdays, I can sub for bowling, which is precisely what I'm doing tomorrow night at my husband's league.

Bowling is a fun thing to do, not that I'm super at it, but because I was on the league for years I have my own ball and shoes, which is nice.

***Please see Denise, at Samaritan Woman, for an important prayer request for her dear niece, who will be having heart surgery, and just had a baby. Thank you.***


Denise said...

Thank you for your prayers for Sandy.. I spoke with Sandy and I told her that there are many beautiful ladies praying for her.. She is in good spirits, her husband is not doing as well as she is.. I spoke with him and he has to take the baby home today..... New Father with new baby and wife facing open heart surgery is a tough pill to swallow........ Remember David when you pray.....

Thank you sweetie for posting that prayer request on your blog..... We are praying !

Jena said...

I think if I had to be around that kind of annnoying person, I would automatically challenge her or make remarks about her behaviour, like in a joking but not joking sense. If you knew me in person, you'd understand. I'm a really friendly person, but I am also assertive and I speak when something lights my fire- good or bad. Usually in a non-aggressive manner. Just assertive. It would drive me bananas to deal with someone like that and not say anything.

Follow your heart, when it comes to what you want to do. Don't start something you really don't want to start. You deserve to be happy, and stay happy :)

Tracy said...

Hugs and sounds like going back when loud one is not there at the baking class a good thing! I hope you have a wonderful time bowling!


Hopefulsl said...

Sounds like you have everything under control......Bowling sounds much more fun then being around somebody that is loud and annoying....CHEERS.....
Denise is in my prayers, or should i say her sister,baby and husband.
I sure hope all will turn out good for that family. I ask God to give them all the strength to be strong through this horrible time that they are facing......AMEN.......
Have fun bowling tonight, KICK SOME BUTT O.K!!! ((GIGGLES))
Hugs & Hugs to you my friend :)

Raine said...

That sounds like an ideal thing for you to be doing! writing grants that is