Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finally doing better on Abilify.

One of the things I noticed with Abilify was a real sense of anxiety, when I first got on it, which takes about two weeks to kick in, as with most medications, and especially when I was on a higher dose of it.

After much convincing of my Pdoc, after him moving this around and that, I made him see that I was on a little too much of the Abilify.

I have been on a lowered dose of it for a month or two and I think I have found something I can live with.

Negatives: still have some anxiety that I don't think I would have if Abilify wasn't in my life.

I have mentioned before that I didn't think that anxiety was a big deal BEFORE. I now see that it can be quite debilitating depending on the level of it, and I personally can't stand feeling that way. So I am glad to have less anxiety, although it is still there, but is very much reduced.

The restless legs thing. I still get moments where I move a lot. I think Atenenol, a derivative of Propanolol (misspell? I'm sorry) the Anti-shake med is helping enormously. The jaw shake is much, much lessoned too. But both leg and jaw, and sometimes hand shake still exist. An Abilify thing, I believe.

The positives: I am not an angry little beyotch anymore. This is so exemplified in my driving. Driving separates the angry from the sane. Seriously. That's where you'll see it, that's a big place where calm at most all times it seriously necessary. And my Mom will get in the car with me now, and comments on how much a better driver I am. Rainmain: I'm a good driver. I'm a good driver. Really.

In general, my anger is down, and patience is up. How great is that? I do attribute it to the Abilify.

I don't know it's uses in Autism, although I have heard that it is being used now.

As with most medications in different illnesses - bipolar, Autism, schizophrenia, ADD, epilepsy, etc., just like with cardiac and diabetes medications to name just a FEW - it is often a trial and error thing to find the ones that work for that specific person.

Some meds work so well for some people, the same med for the same disorder, does not work well.

I believe it is worth the trial and error to find the right med(s), even if it sometimes means a stay in the hospital, for a better quality of life. It is a choice to live or to give up, in some situations. I applaud the decision to live.


Hopefulsl said...

O.K Tart, i see you are in a writing mode :) Now that means i have a lot of catching up to do. I have not read any of your post's yet because i got over whelmed....LOL.....
Yesterday you had one, now you have added three today!!! OMG are you crazy or what, Just kidding... :)
You just have a lot to share with us right!!! I will have to come back and read all of your post's later, i am in a hurry sorry. Thats probably why i got over whelmed.
CHEERS to you.
Hugssss & Blessings,

Tracy said...

I am so glad your anger is donw, and the meds are working for you! Know you are in my thoughts and prayers sweet Tart! (((((Tart))))))

Hugs you big time.

Mike Golch said...

I'm glad that you are doing ok.

'Tart said...

OMG, I AM crazy!! I just love you, you made me laugh, A-Gain!!! LOL, come back and read me sometime, Girl. I look forward to what you have to say.:)

Tracy and Mike,
Thank you for the good wishes!!:) It's good to see you both on my blog, especially you Mike, it heartens the Tart's heart and life. Hugs to you both, I wish you well.

Praying for everyone's needs.:):):)

Jena said...

Finding the right medications can be such a pain. But i'm so glad you have relief from the irritable symptoms. I relate to you very closely in terms of my story.

Anyway, I was thinking you should check out my little project on my Bipolar Breath website and add your 2 cents, you have a lot of good info to contribute! It's linked on my profile but the www is

Sorry I haven't commented as much, I've been so freakin busy lately.. but no worries, i'm not going anywhere! :)

Hopefulsl said...

Well i read your other post and LOL too....Glad to see that you are not a angry little beyotch anymore. GIGGLES
And hows that driving of yours too :)
Still doing good!!! Anyway,about the subject of being a working MOM....
You got that one right on the nose!
Boy let me tell you, try working in the real world and being a full time mom....Do i need to say more? Hee,Hee, I am one person that can honestly say that i have done my part on both sides of this world! And still doing it, the hard part is trying to control my stress level....Be thankful for not having any kids yet. I don't mean that in a bad way, its just i would never wish anybody with the problems that i am going through with my kid.... And besides, you do have kids of your own, Pug!!! Yippee, at least you get lots of love from them and no back talking. Until they POOP in your house. Don't you love how they look at you when you find their little mess! LOL....You should see my little Lilli Belle when she knows that i found it, OH NO, MOM'S REALLY MAD NOW. MAYBE IF I LAY MY HEAD ON THE FLOOR WITH MY BUTT UP IN THE AIR AND GIVE HER A REALLY SAD LOOK WITH MY EYES, MAYBE SHE WON'T HURT ME ON MY CUTE LITTLE BUTT OF MIND!!!! YIPPEE, SHE ONLY YELLED AT ME......Lillie Belle is telling the truth about me, thats usually how i handle things. What a push over mom i am! Hee,Hee.....
Gotta go now, look forward to your next post! I too love talking with you, and look forward to see what you have to say in your comments.
((((hugs)))) & ((((hugs))))

Jena said...

Hey girl, just wanted to let you know there's something for you over on my site......
hope you're doing well! post soon! :)

Denise said...

hELLO!!!!!!!!! I have been MIA for a while but I so enjoyed reading your post...... So glad that your medicine is making a difference..... I have restless leg syndrome and it is really terrible some nights.... but I have taken on quite an exercise program and it seems to be helping......

Glad things in your life are on the more sunny side....... Life is hard enough without such terrible illness........ I pray God will give a helping hand to that new medicine and you will see even bigger strides in your day!

Have a blessed week