Monday, September 8, 2008

The 'I Love Your Blog' Award

I received this award first from Mike & Tracy's blogrolls, and whom I want to thank greatly! and I want to give it to: Jena, Raine's Aftermath, and Stacy. I love your blogs.

My picture button is not working. Please grab your award from my sidebar, thanks. Oh, and feel free to give it to those you find worthy.:)
:) Tart


Hopefulsl said...

Thanks Tart!
I wish i could grab the award but do not know how.....Tracy my wonderful twin of my, hee,hee,....Has been helping me out still with the computer. She's been so busy afraid to ask her to help me right now.
So all i can do is thank you again and maybe if i fill like it i will try and figure out how to do that.
But with my luck i will end up loosing everything on this computer. Don't forget that i am a blond now! That should say it all for you now...Hee,Hee,Ha,Ha,.....

Hopefulsl said...

PS) I forgot to tell you that i enjoyed hearing the ocean!!! COOL....
Plus i like the post you wrote about
((There's no shame in shaking.))
Once again i LOL reading your post.
You are just funny when i think you are trying to be so serious about an issue. You really are cute when you are venting. Hee,Hee.....Thanks for sharing with us.
Hugs my friend!

Tracy said...

Put the award up for my twin! Hugs to you Sweet Tart.

'Tart said...

Thanks Tracy for helping Stacy!

I tried to leave a comment last night but I couldn't, on my own blog! Humph!

LOL, Stacy thank you for thinking I was silly. You make me smile because you are sweet.
Have a great day both of you.