Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Going on a weekend vacation!

I am preparing to leave for my vacation which officially starts tomorrow. My husband will come home tonight and try to get all his stuff together, but I imagine he'll really try tomorrow after we get up in the morning.

I am excited, like a kid, about my birthday.:)

My husband's Mom, yes, my MIL, is planning to cook a steak and crableg dinner and get me a cake, since we'll be there for dinner. Isn't that nice?! Then, I guess on Friday, we (Husband, inlaws including BIL) will travel to the beach. I'm not one for crowds, and it is Labor Day weekend, but somehow I think it will be alright and fun!:)

I am looking forward to being poolside and in the pool. I told you all about the horrible bug bite that I got on my leg a few weeks ago. That has nearly healed up with a ton of antibiotics that I'm still taking. The PT (physical therapy) people told me to keep it out of the sun, as it may scar! Wow!

Well, Husband got bit too! On the tummy, where his pant band makes it impossible for him to let the gross infected bite breathe, as he must keep it wrapped up. He went back to the Doc today. More antibiotics for him and No swimming!

I feel pretty sure we got these bug bites outside. It's a weird coincidence that we both got bit, both got infected and had to have mega doses of antibiotics, according to the Doc.

So anyway, I will be gone for the weekend, and I wish everyone in blogger land a safe, blessed and wonderful Holiday weekend.:)


Tracy said...

Awww i am sorry about your hubby getting bit also! Sounds like maybe the bug got into bed with the both of you! Glad your bite is better though. I am impressed that your mil is making such a wonderful dinner for your birthday! Woot woot! Yayyyy, points go to her big time. I am sure you will have a wonderful time at the beach. Relax, breath in the wonderful ocean air, and enjoy the day! You deserve it that is for sure.

Hugs you! Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday sweet Tarttttttttt...... Happy Birthday to you!


'Tart said...

Dear Tracy,
Thank you for the birthday wishes and wishes for a good time on this trip.:) HUGS!!:):)

Yes, Husband killed a spider in our bed and I wonder if it was the culprit. Kinda gross though.:(

It is very nice of the MIL to do this. I feel very lucky. I'll talk to you soon!

Jena said...

Wow I shudder to think of what kind of bug would produce such a bite! I don't remember the last bug bite I had. Even now, nearing the latter part of the summer. I hope you continue to heal well and that the pool doesn't halt your healing process! It sounds like you're going to have a lovely time. It also sounds like you have a good relationship with your in-laws which is a huge bonus. (I could be wrong on this one but it seemed like you do by this post). I have a great relationship with mine, maybe even better than with my own family. Have a wonderful trip. Relax lots. Enjoy the moments :)
Love, Jena xoxo

Jena said...

Oh my goodness it's your birthday??? Happy Birthday my friend!!!! :D Best wishes to you!!!

Mike Golch said...

Tart, enjoy the Vacation. see you when you get back,bring pictures!
one more thing I have an award for you,just because I love your blog.(that's the name of the award as well)

Hopefulsl said...

I am so excited for the two of you!!! I hope you'll have a great time, even though you are not much into large crowds. Just enjoy the view of the beach and while you're there maybe you will find a sand dollar. That is what we use to do when we were kids, mom & dad would take us all to the beach to go shell hunting....Early in the morning, right after the tide would go down. That was the best time to find great sea shells....Anyway, about the bug bite. I can't believe that your husband got a bite too!! Did you look at him and say neener, neener, you got bit too! Hee,Hee... I would of done that just because i am a poop head, but only in fun!!!! GIGGLES :) So, glad to know that the bug bite is healing, now your poor husband has to go through it too. Well at least you know you lived through it, so no worries for your hubby! CHUCKLES....Must be going know, have a wonderful trip and a safe one at that.....
((((Hugs)))) & Blessings,

Raine said...

wow I was just gonna ask what kind of bug this but I see you dont know. Happy Birthday and maybe spray your house and yard?