Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Doing a little better.

I returned my movies to the rental place. I had gotten 'Nim's Island' and 'Dream Girls.'
'Nim's Island' has absolutely no profanity, violence or sex, and is a wonderful family movie. In 'Dream Girls' I could see why Jennifer Hudson won her Oscar, she gives a powerful, singing performance.

So I picked up two more movies, 'The Devil Wears Prada' and 'Juno.' I'm looking forward to watching '..Prada' this afternoon, while I try to kill the twinges of cramps I'm getting (can you tell from the last post that It's approaching?? Ha ha!). Then, I will make dinner.

I have been trying to keep myself busy today. A movie is the perfect way to kill a couple of hours.


Jena said...

Oooh I love snuggling up with movies or a good long TV DVD series. Sounds like you and I have similar movie taste!

Tracy said...

OHHHH sounds fun. Wish i could join you! I loved nims island btw. You are right a family movie it was... :)) You will have to tell me how Prada is, i have never watched that but would like to. Hugs Tart. Love ya lots my friend.

Hopefulsl said...

LOL Tart!!!
That would be for the post that you wrote before this one :)I think i would be feeling the same way as you do if i was working with someone that was loud and out of control all the time.....Plus the fact that she is a big time DRAMA person! OH MY, Do i feel for you, and not to mention that you are bipolar!!!!I say its time to put that bipolar to use when you are at work, and then we will see who would get all the attention around there......HEE,HEE,....You know that i am only kidding but i think it would be fun for just the hell of it. Am i a bad girl or what??? But i do know how you feel because i myself have been in same situations and it did drive me crazy too.....I would say to myself that it must be nice to get that kind of reaction from people, and then i would just roll my eyes and say OH PLEASE GUYS, HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE TO FALL FOR THIS ALL THE TIME!!!!! ((((Wake Up It's All Drama)))).......Ugggggg......
Hang in there girl, and about the movies. Hope you enjoyed them, and i have been wanting to see NIM'S ISLAND for a long time now. Guess i better go rent it cause i really could use a nice clean and cheering movie :) If you decide to take my silly advice, let me know how it went o.k....GIGGLES, my friend....
Hugs & Hugs To You And Yours!

'Tart said...

Dear Stacy,
You are sooooo right about the (((DRAMA))) of it all. I have to go today, and while I don't have the sick feeling in my stomach like I had a couple of weeks ago, probably because I get so bored of her taking over conversation and her thinking she can, that I finally DID make small comments and that went kinda well. I actually clam up and just try to THINK while being subjected to this kind of behavior.

Unfortunately, I think the supers take cues from me. Like if I act like I am going to put up with it, they slow down on keeping reins on this individual. If I keep feeling like sh*t everytime I come home though, I may have to put my foot down, know what I'm sayin'?? I mean really, no one should have to spend two days recovering from one obnoxious person and I am still trying to get a hold of how to say things so I don't get in trouble. When she is blurting (and eating) anything she wants to - sound fair? I THINK NOT!!!

I'm so glad to hear from you, Stacy, cause I thought maybe I offended you and I sure didn't mean to, cause I didn't hear from you in a while. I was so happy to get your comment, and I always am because you are soooo yourself and say what you are thinking and I really do appreciate that. I really do wish for the best in your family issues, and I am sorry that you have to deal with so much dysfunction, too. I wish you (((HUGS))) & blessings and always glad you dropped by here.

'Tart said...

P.S. to Tracy - 'The Devils Wears Prada' was good. I would recommend it.:)

Hopefulsl said...

Hey Tart, just wanted to tell you that you could never offend me :)
The reason why i don't make comments all the time is usually i am in a depressed mood over my son's behavior......So i would rather write a comment being the real me. Not a sad person writing stuff down that may not be what i am really thinking of writing, make sense? And besides i would rather make you laugh than to see that i am sad. People see enough of it in my post's that i put up......So now you know that i still love to be apart of your blog world!!!!!
Not to worry o.k. CHEERS-MY FRIEND.

'Tart said...

Stacy & Tracy,
Your words hearten a Tart's heart. I am so glad to have you as friends.:) I hope we all have better days.

Oh, and update on the baking job. I let it go for now. I'm hoping I can do it again in January. I just don't think there is ever going to be someone as annoying as this girl. BUT my friend (who has MI and has given up on working for his own issues) says it will always be SOMEthing. SOMEthing will f it up. I hope he's wrong. I'm so tired of him being right.
Talk to you all soon,

Denise said...

I have not seen any of those movies.. We try to take a few weekends in the winter and catch up on the movies we have missed..... Glad you are feeling better

Have a blessed weekend

Hopefulsl said...

As for your friend, i hate to say this, but i too agree with him.....
No matter where you work it does seem that there is always that one person that or that one something that will f---it up. Sorry to say that, but its true.....I have had many jobs and that is just how this world works.......
I wish there was that perfect job out there that there were nothing but normal people who all got along and just had a blast working with one another. If that was the case i would be working there right now.
Hee,Hee, and if you ever find it yourself, let me know and i will be there in a heart beat.:) GIGGLES again!!!! Just take one day at a time, it will all work out in the end.....CHEERS......
(((((HUGS))))) & ((((((HUGS))))))

'Tart said...

I know, I know, because I have had lots of jobs too. Usually it is More than one person. However, this one is a doozy. I can't imagine Anyone being more annoying than her.

I also had to drive 40 minutes to get to a three hour thing twice a week, so paycheck was basically paying for the gas to go there. I did three months which is half the program, so I imagine we will make the same things Next Time, if I do it.

I said to my friend and Mom and husband: if I could just do my volunteering job for the library for money, That would be Sweet. I am my Own Boss with that job, and I am nice to work with. I have been striving for years, working and hoping for an opportunity to work at home.

I admit that this is my illness. It's my illness to not be able to take anymore of some small thing that nobody else notices that much. I've noticed that. I'm too sensitive to live. And believe me, I felt that way after giving this up. But I'm slowly trying to recover and use some of those "How of Happiness" things to stop the bad, sad thoughts and try to think of something else. When all else fails, nap. Which I haven't done, but its an option.

I felt like a failure. But even my Mom, who told me to go to work, and always does, says I'm not a failure. Somehow my peeps say I still have worth. I still have worth.

I am just trying to recover from all this. I don't want to put it in a post because I don't want to make a big deal of it that way. I went into my cave a little bit.
:) Tart

Hopefulsl said...

DAMMIT,DAMMIT.....Sorry to start this comment off this way, but you see i just wrote you this really cool-cool comment before this one and when it came time to post it there were no letters for me to copy!!!So i tried to go in to retrieve them which i know how to do now, but it erased my whole comment which has never happen before. Now i am going to leave you the best parts that i wrote the first time.....First i would like to say that you are not a failure, and its o.k to crawl in that cave of yours once in awhile. We all do it,and i also want to tell you that you are worthy and we all bounce back with a better attitude and a more positive one at that :) So i say its time to put some fun music on and pick up those cute little pugs of your and start dancing like you don't care what anybody else thinks about you right now :) I know when i dance with my little guys it always puts a smile on my face to see each one of them with smiles on their face's waiting to take turns dancing with me...It relaxes me and i forget about all the bullshit for the time being...
CHEERS MY FRIEND! And i want you to know that we all love you Tart, and i am so glad that you are apart of my life now :) You are a wonderful person and don't let anybody tell you different or bring you down for that matter.....Just keep being who you are cause thats the way i like you and would not want it to be any different......((You're a keeper)). Hang in there o.k, talk to you soon. Hope you have a nice week-end Hugssssss & Hugssssss, Blessings,

'Tart said...

Oh Stacy, I'm giving you ((((((SUPER BIG HUGS))))!!!! You're the first!!! Because you made me feel better.:)

When I get off the computer, I'm going to Karaoke and take your advice. Mwanh!!! (That's a Tart kiss, and I haven't given it out in a while, either:):):)

Hopefulsl said...

YIPPEE! You took my advice :) So glad that i made you happy. That is what i meant to do......YEAH.....I now have a huge smile on my face as well :):)

Denise said...