Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Trying to feel better.

Today is the first 'have-to' day that I have experienced with 'having to go to' my job. The job being the baking thing.

I have not said anything on blog, but we got a new person added to our group who Extremely Loud & Obnoxious and it is all I can do to stay patient, to keep my mouth shut and continue to think at all while this person plays for all attention, is truly so loud that they take my thoughts away.

The supervisor is aware and will be talking to the offensive one today, but I don't think it will do any good. The super and her Mom are too nice, but maybe it will change. I would be Very Glad if it would.

But I dread going.

I woke up late today with an immediate low to begin with, now improving a little. Had my medicine and new Proactive vitamins (I don't have serious skin problems, I just want to take care of my skin), then ate a little somethin' somethin' - these things helped some.

My Mom has been here since March, when I had my Lithium toxicity, and now she is returning to her home base, many states away, on Thursday. That affects my mood because knowing that she is around has been quite helpful to me.

I admit I feel some 'lonelies' coming down. And September just has never been a good month for me. It will take some real pushing ahead to work through it.

But trying, TRYING so hard to be on more positive notes, I have been reading "The Creative Memories Way" by Cheryl Lightle & Rhonda Anderson (co-founders of Creative Memories) with Shari MacDonald, and really enjoyed rekindling my love of scrapbooking.

Actually, friends of my mother's came by and I showed them my wedding book that I have done myself, with help of the Creative Memories lady that used to be in the business, and discovered that I really want to get more of it done because it was fun for all of us to look at it.

I also have tons of pictures from my Dad's that I wanted to do something special with. These are pictures of a vast family that I didn't until recently really realize that I have. I don't know who all of them are, but luckily I do have some family that would know and would be glad to tell me about them.

Due to the beauty of the internet, I could post these pics privately and see what the family member says, even though she lives on the other coast! Positive, positive!

I also have a Baby record cross-stitch that I am working on for my husband's cousin's baby, due in October, and I'm hoping to get it done by Christmas. There is much to do on it, even though it says it's 'easy' and I will eventually be posting how I'm doing with it on the 'Good Stuff' blog.

I try. I try to feel better even when my guts are unhappy, from my chemical imbalance to real life activities (the 'job'). I want to be lifted up when the post is all through. Here I tried, even though I was ready to give up before breakfast.

There's a tremor in the Force, I feel, and some of my blog friends (and I notice some of my real life friends) are going through hard times. I feel for you, and pray for you and wish you better days. Please hang on if that is how you are feeling. You matter.

Sincerely, Tart

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Tracy said...

Hugs Tart, Keep strong, keep ok. Keep being the wonderful lady you are! Hugs my friend.

Love Tracy