Thursday, October 2, 2008

Keeping busy, feeling better.:)

Ahhh! Feeling better because I have gotten a lot done, and if nothing else, stayed quite busy these last few days.:)

Yesterday I did not leave the house, but I learned so much about grant writing off of the internet. I really studied this site at from a Google search and printed 14 pages of good stuff, highlighting along the way and getting an idea of how the performance of a grant writer should be evaluated, all the way to actually writing a proposal. Neat stuff!

It turns out that it is recommended that a grant writer be paid hourly or by the project, Not by if the grant is received (or actually granted) or not. The work is in the work to get the grant, not if it is granted!

Also, you should not be padding a request for 'real money' (for the operation or whatever it is you're asking money for) into the request as that's not really right and granter's are not keen on that anyway.

I am learning so much!!

So, I have an actual appointment to meet with a very cool and supportive person at Drop In Center and she said she would not leave me out in the cold, she is really going to help me through this (proposal-writing process)!

I am very much looking forward to doing something that is:

  1. Writing
  2. Using my dang degree
  3. Doing a 'real' freelance job (one that has an actual Association and is in demand)
  4. Helping a very good cause that I believe in

The Drop In Center is for the mentally ill by the mentally ill. Some very stable mentally ill women started this non-profit organization with grants and will continue to need them to continue the center.

It really is doing a world of good for a lot of people. People can come from all over to talk to each other, to play games and relax, to get on the computer - and to realize they are not alone in mental illness, and that mental illness doesn't have to be the focus of their life, its just a part of it, and that other people understand.

What a gift these ladies have created! And I'm so honored and hopeful and want to work hard to help them.

Today, I have gone to the library to turn in sheets that I put into the database, return books on scrapbooking for the family (and re-check out two more, he he!) and got books on Grant Writing, to get a better handle on it and understand it more, all before my appointment with the Center next week.

Thank you for the support received on my blog about some of the topics I've been talking about on here. You guys are great! Hugs & blessings to you all!

As an update from Denise at her blog: she thanks the many people for their prayers, and has such good news - her dear niece will get to go home to see her baby and husband to recover from her C-section, and in weeks will go for the heart surgery. It also turns out that the hole in her heart is not quite as significant as previously thought.

I am so glad for Denise and her family, and I haven't quit praying for you, as I continue to pray for so many blog friends.

God bless you all, and I wish a good day for all in blog land. Thank you for your support!:)

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Tracy said...

First off i am so very glad that Denise's niece and family are doing so much better! God is so very Wonderful!

It also sounds like you have been very busy learning!!! How neat that you found so many pages off the net of good advice! I am happy for you.

Hugs and blessings sent your way my friend.