Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tart's Take on 2 inspiring headlines of today

This one right off of the MSN homepage:
7 killed in N.C. beach house fire - Anyone I know? (I'll never know since I didn't even get invited! I hear about people still going to beach houses, in North Carolina, in October no less, but again, I don't get invited.:) Who burns to death on the East Coast?

This one came off of MSN as well to get you on the Slate page - who I hate to give any advertisement to:
Lie to Your Children—It's Good for Them The terribly wrong message sent by Jessica Seinfeld and Missy Chase Lapine.

Tart says:
If a mother can't 'lie' to her children to get a little nutritious food down their spoiled throats then what has this world come to? America please listen and repeat to yourself Endlessly: You are in charge of your children, Not the other way around (And neither is the 'terribly' over-rated Slate, either, Thank God). If they won't eat their carrots when You Instructed Them to, then they deserve to have it snuck in with their orange juice. Repeat.

Thank God there are Moms addressing the problem, making all the other Moms feel better about the whole thing AND who know how to use their blender. Amen.

I refuse to see what drivel they have written about this and I'm going to have to partially categorize this post under hopeless_b_tches without even looking at it for all the women who have nothing better than get nasty with each other, the author, blenders in general, and the carrot industry.

You people ruined your chances of getting a decent review about any of your shit concerning anything 'motherhood' (which I do give careful, giving evaluations to the side of true motherhood) ever again with the Slummy Mummy disaster. I can't take the hatred.

Why don't they appoint a lawyer for every kid issued a Social Security card so they can sue before they even know how to yawn? It'll help with the lawyer surplus as well. (I thought that up, and I dedicate it to Mark, my favorite Idiot.) Put something new up on your blog, Mark. That goes for all of ya's.


Raine said...

oh GEEZ!! my kids ate vegetables and fruits. its called exposing them to them!!! its called putting them on their plates and letting them try them. I know of a one year old baby being given cheetos for finger foods. What do you think she is going to choose? DUH!! grrrr rant rave. Those women are idiots

wolfbaby said...

your to funny sometimes i mean i know your serious but it's still funny

'Tart said...

I'm glad you appreciate it. Most of the time when I do something like this, it's called 'sarcasm.'