Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The need for earplugs & what a happy day I'm having

Hey, I think I'm like many animals who try to cover up that they're not feeling well, or that something is hurting, from all the other animals. If this makes me more like my Emma-dog or Reese kitty, I have no problem with it, since they are proven better than people. I say this because I somehow feel loathe to post at this juncture, mainly because I FEEL rotten, and I think we're talking physically, here. But stuff is alway spillin' out, so what can I do?:)

And I am feeling pretty poo-ty. I thought it was just me, some weird constant and abiding sickness because of the phentermine (now a 12 pound loss). But it turns out that other members of the family are experiencing hot & cold spells and plenty o' diarrhea. Today, laying down is the thing that feels best and somehow standing up near straight makes me want to barf. Watching T.V. shows like THS (True Hollywood Story) ABOUT 'Home Improvement' and their exciting 8-year run, is a clear example of my need for bland entertainment, like bland soup & crackers. Who but the truly sick subject themselves to that?:)

Tonight is bowling night, and I'd hate to miss it because I feel like throwing up. I may need earplugs for real because if the people around keep on getting sloshed just to throw a ball (read: Pathetic) I may be forced to let them know how much I hate them. I've done that once.

Then this year I was nice enough to the told-off person and she ended up speaking to me (this often happens when I let the nice part of me out, always a mistake) and I had to hear how I am moody - as if I did NOT know - and that was so weird when I told her off. I said I was proud of myself for standing up for me and that she really was annoying, and continually, and needed to be told (for my sake).

Why can't normies get it - Don't be an asshole if you can't take the heat for it? The really odd part is that I'm always the ONLY one to seem to be affected, the ONLY pissed off person so then I start to wonder - am I wrong?? Of course the answer is, No, the whole world is wrong - and that makes sense to me, as a person whose illness makes up .05 or 1% of the population. It's always been me against the assholes, and sometimes other normies even tag along, as long as long as I have the balls to do it first!

Speaking of needing earplugs, only for my hearings safety - because the Van Halen concert was Great! I wasn't kidding when I said I was going. I know it sounds cheesy, but it was utterly unbelievable to be in the same room with Eddie Van Halen - and the other guys put on a good show too!:) Roth sounded great and it was flat out cute that Wolfie, Eddie/Valerie Berntinelli's son was right there on bass. For any of you that play 'Guitar Hero,' he looks just like the character 'Axel' complete with the broad shoulders. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, you clearly need to get a life! That game continues to be one of my reasons to live.

So, I know that David Lee Roth saw me, because there I was, at the top of the nose-bleeds in an orange t-shirt with a parrot made of sequins on it. I danced the whole time (why, WHY go to a Van Halen concert only to sit there and act like a big dud???), waved my hands, gave two big 'love symbols,' especially when the light was shined on us and clapped up in the air to everything (because, you know, I have white-girl rhythm and clapping manically is nothing for me). I couldn't be missed and I know he waved at me. :)

Getting sweaty and acting like a loon in this way is probably the most exercise I've had in 6 months (well, publically at least:) and is the only legal high the state affords me. Again, why light up the same dubage (doobage? I don't have to know how to spell that) that you usually do in the car or basement when you've got Van Halen in front of you?? ?? Doesn't white trash have SOME limitations? Oh now, and we were getting along so well up this point.:) I'm kidding. I know you'd wait to get home to have your doobage. LOL I can't help being a bitch. I am so sick, didn't you read about that above?
Have a fabu day, won't you?:)


Raine said...

there is no point in going to a concert at all if you dont rock out.

MYSTI said...

I am sorry you are sick. I hope you all feel better soon. I personally have been sick now for months. So old in my opinion. Not blogging much or keeping in touch with anyone. My bad. My family and closest friends have all been upset with me because I have not called them, or taken calls. Been working, taking care of my sons, and in general just happy I make it through each and every day. Know that i have thought of you, and do think of you. I wont promise calls, because i have been breaking that promise of late. Please forgive me that. Hugs my friend, and know that i care.


Dreaming Mage said...

I went to see Van Halen in the 80's every time they came within 200 miles of my home.

And I've never left a concert with a voice.

Last, but not least, after you've bought a ticket and traveled to the venue, you MUST make a fool of yourself!