Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ahem!...Please see the Sister Blog (Jungletart's Good Stuff)

I've done a little posting over at the Other blog - my showcase of 'good stuff' - known memorably as 'Jungletart's Good Stuff.' I just have an overwhelming amount of stuff to post over there, not all of it is up yet.

It's funny because I have gone so long without expressing blatant happiness on the blog, which is what I use that one for anyway. I'm not over the things that cause me hurt, infuriation, sadness - I'm still a bipolar! And I hear I'll be one until my last breath.

I guess I'm not going to pursue the medical record thing anymore, not only because the Mage gave good advice (TY, Mage:) but my Mom actually had smart things to say about it, namely its not in my best interest to get sick over this (being nothing but frustrated with these people is not good for my mental health) and Dad certainly wouldn't want me to do that. So I guess I'm calling off the dogs. But they keep barking in the backyard, and everyone says, 'Just let them go!' I hope a nice shelter will pick up my anger issues and find them a new home.

So you see, true to form I b-ytced on the correct blog and place happiness upon the other. You don't want to miss that! J.'s Good Stuff is back in business!:)

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Raine said...

I'm glad you found some good advice. I kept trying to think of something constructive to say and couldnt come up with anything. So I'm really glad Mage and your mom came thru for you.