Sunday, October 21, 2007

I'm glad, for All The Letters I've Written

Have you ever noticed how much people who think they are in charge, or who think they are in some higher realm than us (average person) don't really like being written to, don't like knowing that there are blogs that say what they think. They don't want contact, really, and just don't want to have to deal with any of 'it?' Yeah, me too.

And I just want to say that I am PROUD of myself for my letter to Yoko Ono, when I made the probable mistake of alluding to my non-perfect mental health status, especially when she has dedicated the last 30+ years of her life keeping her late husband's killer in a mental ward. I guess I'm feelin' it when I didn't get a signed Yoko Ono photo. I'm not sure she even 'does' that.

And I AM proud of the letter I sent to Ozzy Osbourne, Prince of Darkness, telling him that, when he dies, I won't be thinking of him as the guy that bit the head off a bat, oh no, I will think of him as a champion (and incredibly sneaky) for keeping his bipolar such a secret and living through all of it. I suggested a remake of 'We are the Champions' which should be a Bipolar Anthem. My admitted mistake, I said if I was wrong about him being bipolar, he could throw my letter away. And I didn't ASK for a picture, but I think if he doesn't have mean-spirited/Satanic youth answering his mail, I might just have a chance on my next letter.

I am PROUD that I truly wasted my time writing ANYthing to some alpaca farm in Cana-Di-Ah and asked them questions about their Kommodore (sheep dog w/ dread locks) and their thoughts on why that kind of dog. Apparently they don't have thoughts. I do. Their blog was very incomplete and shared same info back and forth and they had an email address posted, which was very curious - because they either don't read, don't English, don't write or don't write English. Tak your pick, because they were Incommuncado, and I'm not talking Catholic sacrament.

No response-vous on my letter to Judith Warner, NYT's columnist. Welcomed to comment, I guess I could print what I wrote to her, perhaps eventually. I thought my work sent to her was definitely some of my most lucid, probably bottom-kissing stuff ever, and we all know how very unused to producing/sending that sort of thing, am I.

I don't know how it came to me actually, but I was quite sincere at the time and did feel that my effort was worth it, especially if she could take similar joy in finding that someone not only wrote on the same topic, without being forced to, but came to the same, very altruistic/loving conclusions.

Would it be so bad for a person of her 'caliber' to 'lower' herself to say 'Hi, hello good for YOOOOOOOOUUUU' (I feel a 'Will & Grace' moment coming and I am not gay. Must be a New York thing.)? So think 'Jack' from the show and say, "YeAY, I'm a LITtle bitter." As far as printing that letter online, I'm waiting, hovering and then I might print it. But I'll give it some weird name so high school and college kids can't easily google it for their bottom-kissing activities.


Raine said...

I dont think they even read their own mail. Oprah was doing a show on swinger once and looking for guests. I wrote and said I didnt want to be a guest but that I had been in a that lifestyle for a while and that I had left it when I realized that every single person in it had some kind of childhood abuse history and that they might want to explore that in their research. The first response I got was snippy and nasty - something to the effect "why do you people waste our time"
then I got a second- I'm sorry- I hadnt completely read thru your letter, we hadnt thought of that and will consider it, thank you for your thoughtful letter. Of course none of these were from Oprah herself. I doubt she sees a darn thing until everyone is interveiwed and presented for the show :P So I am thinking that the letters you write and probably never read by the person you intend them for either hun.

MYSTI said...

I was just going to say what raine did already. She probably does not even read her own mail. I to like raine wrote Oprah one time, regarding on and issue about my own family. It was a heartfelt letter, and I did expect some sort of a response. I did not get any at all. Not even a thank you for your letter. It was annoying, and I decided then and there not to write again to a person I know never reads there own mail.


Dreaming Mage said...

I too wrote a letter to Yoko. On Dec. 9, 1980. I really didn't think much of her, I just was shocked and wanted to share my feelings on John's death. Who else was there to share with?

She never replied, but that was probably a busy week for her. Later that week, a few of my neighbors held a candle-light vigil for John. We had a long moment of silence and then went home.

God, I miss John Lennon. and fuck Yoko Ono



Dreaming Mage said...

sorry, I'm having a rough week. Yoko is a fine person, I'm sure.