Thursday, October 11, 2007

You Celebrate Halloween Your Way...

...and I'll celebrate it my way!

I know some love watching scary stuff this time of year, some just have a penchant for dressing up or oddly.

Truth: Halloween is one of Tart's most Under-cared for 'holidays.' We've taken to leaving all the lights off and going somewhere else for the evening. No more candy, to a neighborhood I don't even recognize anymore, even our great dressing up days, they're mostly over. Yup, party-poopers on Halloween, I'll glady admit it - care not about any of it, do we.

However, I can tell that Pink loves it, and even left the pink hair at home to party on like a dead rock star. (All these pics snagged from MSN. Nothing says maybe you should be 'msn' your computer and just turn the dang thing off like MSN!:)

Anne Hathaway seems to always wear the right thing. Here she's wearing the right thing and looking downright 'glamorous' in it:

But really, all this is subterfuge for the my desire to put up this delis-cious pic of Ashton Kutcher at a 2002 Halloween party. Yummy.

Well, maaybe not all the chest - chest. But I just can't resist that dopey look or maybe that he just seems to look late 20's (early 30's?) forever. It's funny how the priorities change.

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