Friday, October 12, 2007

To Ms. Judith Warner and all esteemed New York Times guests

I have invited you here specifically to take a look at my article/post about Mrs. Gotboum, the unfortunate New York mother who died in a holding cell, and the one below, on my struggle to help someone who looked like they needed help.

Judith Warner wrote a very well-received book on motherhood and an article in her Friday weekly column (today) with the Times about Ms. Gotboum, frankly coming to many of the same conclusions as your good 'ol Tart.

I really had to work to try to contact her, as her comment section was already closed, that being the easiest way to speak.

So, there is no guarantee that she got my emails, but I certainly hope she did, and of course, I would just to be so honored if she lay her eyes upon this.

Now, I want to explain to Ms. Warner, and any other normies (muggles without mental illness), that my blog expresses my emotions, especially the frustration, anger and rage that I am truly sometimes overcome by, things that are not pretty because they are the opposite of light, love and happiness that I am also capable of - but I think I do a good job of showing the how and why of my feelings, how I got there.

I told her I was not perfect in my email. I have always offered up my thoughts, feeling, emotions, opinions all of it, for everyone, here on the blog. So, just like Sinead O'Connor (newly entered into the fold, just last week on Oprah), I'm not apologizing. I would be sad if things were taken wrong, and I hate to be judged unfairly. So, I guess that's about it!:)

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