Friday, October 26, 2007

My Over-flowing Secret Knowledge - and on a Sick Day!

Okay, the following post started out as a response to Mage from my 'All the Letters I've Written Before' post on Sun. Oct. 21, 2007. I decided to post it here instead of just a response back, because of all my smarts exhibited within it during a time when I still feel physically sick, which is an amazing feat at this point.

Even though I HATE to admit it, my mental health goes hand in hand with being physically sick, as well. The more I fight this reality, the more tired it makes me. The more tired I am, the harder it is to fight mania/rage and this week's bitter damn lows (where dooo they come from?). I don't believe in flu shots (ask, if you want to) but aspirin popped like candy is working much better that thought. Well, anyway, you're all up to speed on my health (did I mention I still sound hoarse, and I swallow snot at night? As for number 2, I'm glad I've a toilet near the computer. Yeah. You needed to know.:)

Alrighty then. Bring on the responsola. I think I'm spent, so this will have to do for a while. Oh, and Mage? Thank you for professing thy love for me. Right back at 'cha. About your blog - you could always make a new one, and you sure know how to operate Blogger.:)

The response from me:

It's okay, Mage. Your first comment gave me my first LOL moment all day, and possibly all week!

I know the Ono-meister is creeping up in age, like in her 70's! if I'm not incorrect on that. I think she has tried, thru the years to use some John Lennon things that she is willing to share with us - for instance, his quickly cartooned self-portrait released onto baby clothing, no less.

I bet you didn't know that Mr. Lennon was enrolled in art school, early-pre-Beatles when he was secretly married to Cynthia Lennon, his first wife and mother to John's first son, Julian (named after J.L.'s mother who was run over by a taxi in front of John's 8-9 year old eyes. Her name was Julia, and he wrote a song for her - check 'The White Album':). For some reason, John was also merciless about the physically impaired, making open fun of 'cripples' and drawing less than nice doodles of them.

He must have got over this sort of thing at some point, as eventually he was known for inviting the homeless, even mentally ill, on his property. I think many people think about this, how sad it was that partly because of compassion (at least that's how they've been saying it in biographies) he probably allowed 'nutcases/the sick' much closer access to his person than most people ever would, opening him up for assasination.

Why, I know you're asking, do you KNOW all that? Because I read one of his biographies, a good 5 inch tome, in my early teens, when it mattered, with voracious interest. I think perhaps these generations might read about Kurt Colbain in a similar way (which of course, I wouldn't mind doing myself. I would think there is plenty still unsaid, plenty to protect, as of yet, if I were to guess.)

And did you knnnnow (as a little aside) - Mr. Colbain is number one in raking in the moulah of the top ten famous rock & roll dead?! More than Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, and yes - Elvis! Search on MSN & you will find! And you thought Courtney Love was stupid. Hardly. If there's one thing that woman loves more than her heroin, is Kurt's heir, France Bean, and she's not f- that up.

Also, you can be guaranteed that there will always be someone 'close' to Yoko that agrees with your assessment, Mage. Julian Lennon is BIT-ter that Yoko will only allow him to have 3% of Lennon's royalties. While that still is no small sum of money, I assume, I'm sure he's madder than a hornet. Unfortunately, I think Dad & son were still feuding at the time of John's demise, and unless she's made changes since, she certainly was acting on the 'love' at the time.

Your personal J.L. tome,

I AM spent. I'm going to pop aspirin and lay in bed. I'll see you all soon. Every body hang in there.
Sincerely yours,


Dreaming Mage said...

Ah, but I was fully aware of Cynthia. And John said, "Sean was a planned child, but Julian was an accident."

John still loved Julian in spite of his surprising birth. "Hey Jude" was originally titled, "hey Jules."

I think I may be a bit older than you. I clearly remember my boss and I taking a day off on Dec 9, 1980, when we heard that John had been shot the evening before. We were in shock. It was one of the most impactful days of my life.

I'm very flattered that you devoted an entire post to me. And I will be starting a new blog soon.

Look forward to it.


'Tart said...

I'm not sure if it was before Sean was born or after, but John and Yoko supposedly recorded the last few heartbeats of life of a miscarriage that Yoko had. They may have put it on 'Double Fantasy' but I may be wrong about that.

You are correct Mage that you are older than me, and that is why I am proud of my J.L. knowledge because I read & paid attention to things. I listened then and now to a lot of music - I paid attention to what was 'my day' but I listened to the earlier stuff, because it was base of music, besides being so fun. I better have the Beatles on my favorites (profile) and everything else is correct too!
I am looking forward to your blog!:) Let us know if it has a new name!