Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Somebody Hacked Into My Site!

Yeah, some fiesty bipolar beyotch has been tapping into my things. I couldn't stop her when she said:

"Gee, Turkey, why you being such a big baby? The Congo still supports our war and we call them genocidal maniacs all the time."

"What up Soviet Union? If you don't want us to bomb Iraq, we'll start with your ass first and THEN get them. Since when did anyone give a 'Putin what you think?"

If you pay attention, this world is getting scarier all the time. I thoroughly believe that this Administration has never really had a clue which end goes up, and I'm sure it doesn't help when other people, besides real Americans, keep making unfair demands. Recently, people who ought to know better, like the ones above, seem to be coming out of the woodwork.

To top it off, David Letterman, usually a stalwart, trusted entertainer, at least in Husband's point of view, has been very off his game and as always, its Tart's job to point this stuff out.

For instance, I understand he hedged around what so many celebrity-slobbering-focused individuals want to know - Is Jennifer Lopez cooking a bun in the oven under all those loose fitting designer clothers? It sounds like he was loathe to ask her the important questions, much like the very painful espisode of 'The Daily Show' where Jon Stewart interviewed Lynn Cheney, which I did see. That was so painful because Mr. Stewart could not use any form of love and laughter with this lady because she is such a bitch.
Yes, you heard it here, I think our Vice Pres-wife individual is a horrible bitch (oooh, I mean that chick who hacked in today, does). She looks like the kind of hag I hate most: if the hair is teased and you're wearing your little gold earrings, you are all powerful.
I'm not even saying anything about her views, which are all wrong as well. We had to listen to her convoluted history entanglement, that twists things the way she wants it, because Jon Stewart was absolutely terrified of her, like they had threatened to bag him and beat him after the show if she didn't get her piece in.
Well, you know what Lynn Cheney and your lying, torturing administration can do?: bite me, I CAN see through you. While everybody got so entangled in the Jena6 (somebody DID beat the crap out of some kid, did they not? And is that not only against the law but against what society expects of human interaction??? The hanging of nooses is inflammatory, symbolic, upsetting, a hate crime and not right but does not justify revered leaders, whatever the color, to walk and speak with no care for the law and reality. I believe Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton just wanted the good 'ol days back, I don't see any real care for right or wrong, and I see their participation as a sign from the devil. I believe they should save themselves to properly explain and uphold righteousness for an ever-confused youth, not take part in every idiot party that comes along) nobody takes up the fight, or the banner, of the complete trashing of American and world-wide human rights that the Bush administration not only upholds, but then turns around and lies about. This administration is built on lies and travesties, with those in the know fighting for every classified, marked document, just to show the rest of us tip of the iceberg. I can no longer watch him, I'm not interested in the streaming videos, in the beginning for the verbal idiocy (by 2005 there was a daily calendar dedicated to his 'dumbisms' that we read at my job with the liberal media. Now I fear how much he has f'kd us in every aspect, from human rights to how much he has set us back environmentally. I think some bad stuff will come out about him. I just want him gone, and can only hope the next won't be worse.
Then I here that Mr. Letterman picked on Richard Simmon's outfit ruthlessly during his time in the 'chair.' Dave if you continue with this we're going to kick you off and say that your expiration day has come.

Mr. Simmon's is the sweetest of fairies (a lovely, delicate gay man) that gives hope to fat chicks everywhere (yup, that includes me). He's lost a lot of weight, he did it a long time ago and Mr. Simmons has kept off. He's proud of it and if he's not afraid for the world to see what looks like on a no-cellulite thigh day, then who the hell are you to pick on him? I'm thinking when it's all said and done, Dave, you probably wear something like this to bed.:)


Raine said...

LOLOLOLOL you tell em Tart. Richard Simmons never hurt a soul. He's got a huge heart and is a kindhearted soul and I have never heard him say one single bitchy word about anyone. He has my respect for being exactly who he is.

wolfbaby said...

ditto to what raine said... guy seems like a total sweety..

as for the govt.. you said it..