Tuesday, July 3, 2007

5 Things the Tart Digs About Jesus

Mysti asked me to do a meme on 5 things I dig about Jesus. I don’t know how much it will shock and amaze readers that I do very much ‘Dig’ Jesus. Normally, of course, as a ranter extraordinaire, I don’t share those thoughts, but now that I have been asked, I will be glad to do so.

5 Things I Dig about Jesus:

1) He glows. Jesus is part man and part divine and His personage emanates light. You could say He emanates love. It’s a physicality like other godly creatures: angels and whatnot.
2) Jesus is completely fair. He asks that you (a person) ‘don’t judge.’ I believe that is nearly impossible in this world, that’s why He pushes it; that and ‘Love One Another.’ Whoa, what a doozy that is! Its difficult to do what Jesus asks but aint that just life! Oh, and don’t you worry about that judging, cause he’ll take care of that too! Everyone gets a Final Judgement, I understand, and He’s already been appointed as a key Judge. (He’s kind of a combo of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. So you've got nothing to worry about. :) (!)
3) He knows the things of your heart. You cannot hide anything from Him, so don’t bother. He knows what you’re thinking, all of it. I’m not talking Santa here. When someone knows you that well, that’s a Friend. And a divine one too!
4) Besides His duties that encompass the world, including being an undeniable historical figure (the man Jesus did live) and being very well known, fulfilling scripture and whatnot, He is, as Depeche Mode has said, “My own personal Jesus.” So not only is He available for you, and you, and you times billions of people, He is available for me, right now, in my own life. And because of His divinity, I ask not how the heck that is possible, I use that ‘little’ thing He told us about time and time again called faith: which is nothing more than hope and is one of the most powerful things we’ve got going for us.
5) Best of all, that light that Jesus is emanating, the love that He is bursting with? He’s got it for me. The love that God the Father, and God the Son has for us is unfathomable. If you think you love your kids, your family, you still haven’t come close for what He’s got for us. Most of us will not allow ourselves to even love ourselves that much, most of us are sadly incapable. Don’t feel bad, I am the same way. But sometimes I try to feel that love, and I think He really is willing to pour it on us. Which is really good, because we sorely need it.
I’m adding this one:
6) He llllloooooooooves for you to talk to Him. Now I believe you talk to Heavenly Father in the name of His Son (recall Jesus teaching us the ‘Our Father in Heaven’ prayer? Clearly, there is a Big Guy to speak to.) Well, anyway, I may be as confused as can be about religion, but I feel pretty good about things because I go straight to the top and do in fact pray. I really couldn’t deal without it. And I understand He loves it bunches.

And there you have it! I hope you're happy Mysti, 'cause now all the other kids think I'm a pansy. :) Well, I'm the prettiest darn pansy that ya ever did see! :) Darn it!

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MYSTI said...

Thank you so much for doing this for me my friend! Laughs and you survived doing it on your blog! Woot!!

Great list!!!

Love ya my friend,