Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Favorite Subject

Warning: This is angry, vile, and about as honest as can be. Delicate sensibilities: You've been warned.

Here we go again, somehow I got pricked again, having to listen to people whine about how hard their life is, and how unfair bipolar is, and unfair it is that they should have to take meds, ‘cause it makes them fat and makes them not be able to have babies.

That is IT! I am just so pissed that there are so many who endure NOTHING, and yet can withstand NOTHING. You are a discredit to our illness. I mean that I have been convinced over time that this hell was not given to the weak, you must have some frickin fortitude and a few other things to live with this illness. But now it turns out IT’s TOO HARD, Wanh, WANH, WANH!!!!!!

Look Bitches, you wanna go off your meds? And have the gazpatches to tell us your sad little stories, your mood swings, how it’s all unfair? I hope that you have fantastic insurance because the mental hospitals are full of dumb bitches like you who had to get back on some meds. I just want to know how many times of this does it take to make you realize you have an illness and got ta take something for it?

Or the other thought that occurs is you really don’t suffer from anything. Oh, I know, they gave you a diagnosis, Bipolar II or something wasn’t it? Clearly, this IS a bogus designation. I am starting to think that if its so damn fun to go up, and ride it and its such frickin FUN – Why the hell should anyone be treating you for anything? Why and WHAT are you whining about when its just your hormones a little askew?

You will not find any sympathy from me. I’m Bipolar I and I suffered for my diagnosis and to get on the right meds. I don’t understand these problems because I went PSYCHOTIC for my illness. Nope, not getting it. I think you Bitches are a waste of time, I don’t think you should be in the same team as me. You need the Baby Team, as in gotta be babied, need to find a wetnurse to whine on. I have never seen such stupidity, such utter inability to see where it goes when you don’t take care of yourself. Or as I said, just plain vapidity, you need a goddamn spanking and a nice piece of duct tape to stop sharing your non existent goddamn problems.

And that’s what I’d really like to say on SparkPeople to the dumbass bitch who’s going off her meds and wants us to support her. Support my middle finger, bitch.

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