Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today's Headlines 7-17-07

The lowdown on the hodown on today's hot topics. I used to work for a newspaper. Now I use it to do crafts on.

They’re talking about not stripping Miss New Jersey of her crown because of racy pics. Have they just given in? If any other Miss America has ever been stripped of crown for these reasons, why are they just saying ‘fuget about it’ now? Ms. Williams, the first black Miss America ought to be seething cause that’s how they got rid of her and Everyone acted like it was the End of the World. Just because today’s youts are a bunch of sluts is no reason to forget the standards.

Today: '90 more people killed in Iraq bombings.' Last week: Bush says 'War Worth It.' Really? Just how is it worth an ave.100 dead per day? You know, there’s people around today that won’t be tomorrow, that thought blows me away. What blows me away even more is over 3,500 American boys are already dead and nobody’s marching in the streets over this. The Harris Poll says only ¼ of Americans support Bush at this point. So does this mean that the other ¾ are sleeping, or is that all illegal immigrants?

'Intelligence says: Al Quaida will most likely attack.' Oh well, do you think? This revelation is to stop the after-attack bitching of ‘You didn’t tell us this would happen.’ It’s usefulness pretty much stops there, since we don’t what’s going to happen. Well, all you canners and emergency paraphernalia securers better get on it, that’s all I have to say. Personally, destroying the Internet would be enough to make me cry daily, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Well, this was fun. We should do it more often.
:) Tart


Raine said...

I think bush needs to have a couple of his kids or grandkids blown up and then see how he feels......

MYSTI said...

hugs my friend. I understand your frustration with the whole war deal. I personally have other ideas, but I do relate with why you are so angry.

Talk with soon!