Saturday, July 14, 2007

IED: Intermittant Explosive Disorder

Found an article on MSN on IED: Intermittant Explosive Disorder. Yes, it appears if you blow up or have tantrums more than a few times a week you may have this disorder. If you flip out and scream at people whilst just a few moments before acting mild manner you definitely got some 'splainin' to do. And if you find yourself losing relationships, working at lower rates of pay than others of your same education, and just feeling isolated while being said asshole, well you should just be shot. That's coming from a woman who could not possibly having anger issues herself, as IED is soooo rare amongst women, so say these disorder classifying researchers. HAHA! An extra dose of that wonderful anticonvulsant Depakote should fix your angry little ass! And I just take a buttload of it cause they said I was bipolar, silly me.

Yes, back from 'vacation.' I did mention 'vacation' was a week a half at the 'ol inlaws house? Hello people, I don't understand why its so much more fun for Husband to hang out with Grandma, while I get analyzed for my cooking skills and pleasing my Man by making him coffee. What the? It was only 3/4 of the way home I thought I should have said, 'Honey, I please my Man, alright, and it has NUTHin to do with coffee.' Instead, that was the straw that broke this camel's back and I was DONE playing house, savvy? This intermittantly explosive individual should be lauded as Grandma is still alive/inlaws none the wiser. :)

It was a 15 hour ride, a significant portion through Ohio and Pennsylvania. If you live in either state, maybe you can let me know why it is Ohio has huge open spaces with an average speed limit of 50, (sure people speed going 70 while I am biting my lip to be 'good' and slow, damn you Ohioers.) It's no surprise that it feels like the longest state on our trip - have you seen it on the map? It's one of skinniest looking states - UNbelievable! Pennsylvania has the most fckd up roads I have ever seen (and its a toll road, mind you, where they have the nerve to ask me for money after driving it!), crazy, winding roads with a speed limit of 65. Most people can go 5 legally over the speed limit, so we're talking 70 miles an hour on crazy roads. What's wrong with you people? So I know you're just so glad to see me back, alive and at the keyboard after surviving a trip (and roads!) like that!

To top it off, I feel funky. Sure, I went a whole time zone away, always a bad thing for a bipolar. Sure, I felt like I was on display, whether for my bedmaking skills, scrambling egg skills, wash dishes a-bil-lity, cleaning - Hell, I don't do any of that stuff here! No wonder I felt like some female minion - what a bunch of crap that was. My therapy now, apparently, is eating out and watching movies. Well, thank God, life getting normal again.

Oh! And thank God I don't have kids. We went to go see my neice play softball and I realized that if I had to endure that repeatedly I would have to always bring my mp3 player with me. Or there would be one dead bitch, take your pick. I say this because we are just sitting there, on bleachers, and some 'lady' FROM THE OTHER SIDE (team) is sitting there HOLLERIN' to her child and various members of the team. I swear to God that I heard that in MY state that sort of shenanigans is now outlawed. You see, you don't have to be a child psychologist to see that its detrimental to other kids to have some dumbass mother screaming crap, not to mention I just wanted to turn around and fck her up. And it wasn't even my kid, my state, or my lame softball team in the middle of a pathetic cornfield. I HATE women like that! It's like who let in the white trash? Who?Who?

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