Thursday, June 28, 2007

Real Women Reel It In

I did catch a fish - 2 actually! I have two pictures of my small largemouth bass. My sunfish/crappie got away (before I could get a pic of it!) since no one was around to help net it while I took the picture - this is key if you're gonna get a picture of a flopping critter. I just want a picture/proof of capture, then the fish is set freee.

Cranky looking hunh!

Same fish. I Love this pic.

Not for the faint-hearted!! Warning!!

I caught them with WORMS!

I'm all girl AND not afraid to chop a worm and put in on my hook. Or help other people with their's. I think its great for women to feel pretty and to be able to handle this 'gross' stuff like a champ. They should teach it to girls everywhere and I don't mind being an example.

Okay, and now I'm leaving AGAIN to GO FISHING! Different location, these folks apparently use corn and hotdogs to lure their fishies. Personally, that's no fun. We're gonna use up our worms first, THEN try that other silly stuff.

I'll keep you posted probably after my return on Sunday. Great weekend to All!:)


Raine said...

corn I have heard about. so tell me about the hotdogs? are they catching anything with them and what are they catching? I just took up fishing myself and lost my trout cause my line snared and everybody was trying to untangle it while I pulled the trout in by hand and the darned thing jumped off about two feet from shore cause nobody thought to get the net. PHOOEY!! Congratulations on your fish. I was using chartreuse power bait and salmon eggs that day.

MYSTI said...

Good for you Tart! Awesome that you caught the fish. Have fun fishing again!!!!! Take pictures again, and have lots of fun!

MYSTI said...

Ya been tagged my friend. Look at my blog to see what you been tagged to do. :) Hugs