Friday, July 20, 2007

Reading: Good for you? Perrrrhaps.

I’m more excited about the movie ‘Hairspray’ coming out than the last Harry Potter book. To be honest (am I ever anything other?) I haven’t read a book since graduating from college in 2003. I didn’t really think about it, but I guess I have had my fill. I found out last year that I had to get new glasses because my eyesight IMPROVED 3 entire notches. I had never heard of such a thing, but my optometrist assured me he’s seen it before. Anyway, I’ve done my fair share of reading of books in the past, I now read on the Internet all the time, but who knew it wasn’t the same.

I respect J.K. Rowling’s personal story, a lovely rags to riches story for her as a writer. But if it weren’t that they keep making her books into movies, I wouldn’t know what happens because I have not, and probably will never, crack the book open. It really doesn’t interest me, I don’t see getting attached, it’s just not my bag (baby).

I read voraciously as a child. Age 11 and up I could not get enough of books. Most favorite of all was the Laura Ingalls Wilder books for two distinct reasons: I loved the Victorian age, 1890’s era and she is so descriptive, I am sure her work was the fire for my passion for non-fiction. The books were better than the television show, and yes in real life she had a sister named Mary who had gone blind. Her passion for description, and ease in writing with lots of it are clearly from describing the world to her sister. And the thought that even though they were all dead and gone by the time I discovered her was an amazing feeling, as I thought to myself ‘That’s what a book can do.’ Provide immortality, plain and simple.

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MYSTI said...

I just saw Hairspray today. It was good, very upbeat, and loved the music. I also saw the Harry potter movie the other night with hubby. WE both thought it ok. Just ok.