Tuesday, May 15, 2007

'We have pinpointed it. This is called 'Depression...

...you know the other part of your life, that part we can't do anything about either. Enjoy. I mean wallow. I mean...just shut up, we're tired of the self involved, introspective, intelligent statements, no matter how how clever or entertaining you *think* you are. Take a pill. Did you take your pills yet?'

Uggh. Only a bipolar could 'get away' with the way I feel right now. Rotten.

Takes a great deal of effort to think and type like I do. Posts full of writing, thought. Again, uggh, uggh, uggh. Why bother.

Whilst going thru the stuff of a Great Man I had in my life, I came accross some his Zen - ish type stuff and this one mulls in my mind:

Don't tell your problems to someone that can't help you with them.

It might have been more Zen - ishly stated (Tell not thy problems to he that cannot help.) But that's the upshot.

This is proving really big in my life. I've stopped talking. I have realized no one can help.

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Raine said...

aw bullshit to the zen man.that makes sense if your problems HAVE a solution. Ours do not. we are bi-polar. We have no solution. Drugs help. also sometimes talking helps. Feedback and knowing we arent alone helps. Just knowing we arent the only one helps. If that helps you then talk to us. Im listening and empathizing.