Thursday, May 24, 2007

Knit/crochet squares for VA Tech victims: Gotta movie about it

Because I stay up all night gazing at my favorite things on the web (knitting, spinning, fiber, alpacas, pugs, ETc.), I found this absolutely lovely YouTube movie from the blog That blog is written by the one and the same Gina, owner of the Mosaic Yarn Shop in the Blacksburg, Virginia area that is featured in this short. She is being interviewed because she came up with the idea of knitting squares for blankets for the families of the victims of the VA Tech shootings. Dang, I am so slow I don't think I could knit fast enough for the May 31st deadline. But, there's alway crochet.... Anyway, she has now posted on her site that the finished blankets will be displayed in some high end museums - this is very important stuff people. And from the hands of knitters. There still is beauty left in this world.


Raine said...

there are some groups that all crochet squares and then put them together in mass quantities and donate the afghans to the homeless.... I think thats cool. And a really awesome use for all that extra yarn left over from everyone's assorted projects

'Tart said...

Yes, I have found the Linus Project too, which is making cute little hats and clothes for premies. That is a good project because it is difficult, I understand, to dress a premie when all the clothes Mom and Dad have for them are for a larger baby.

I also found similar project for the homeless in a place in Canada, I believe. They are forthright and say those carefully knitted socks will have to be discarded faster than you may have expected, because a homeless person may go thru them faster, especially with their very cold winters. And the person who started the project just had a baby, but I think she is back trying to get her townsfolk clothed. It wouldn't hurt to have a knitting/crochet project in every town for this purpose.

There is need everywhere, whether its the cute babies or the very needy homeless, or for chemo caps, prayer shawls for every human on the planet, the list goes on. I love that people who literally touch and make the thing they create very much desire to see it put to good use. It is a lovely craft in many ways.

Gina said...

Thanks for putting this on your blog and send squares when ever you're done with them, we'll put the blankets together in mid-june. You can send them along with your sweet pug. Hugs.

'Tart said...

Again, not giving up the pug. I saw you slip that in there. Thank you for the extended deadline, though. :)Hugs back at cha.