Thursday, May 24, 2007

ई ऍम कोन्फुसेद - I am confused

Apparently I should be. I just typed in Hindi.

Well, this is what happens when you stay up waaaaay too late and start messing around with your template, for one thing. I just reeeaally want to fix the fact that my backlog is in 'weeks' instead of months. I have fixed this, I thought, but apparently it's not appearing on the blog. I keep looking for a repub button and...there isn't one. So please accept my apologies.

I meant to say I am confused because has officially accepted me as part of the bipolar ring but A) the little (and I do mean little) icon of theirs that I have put into my template/page just does not seem to work B) if you click on it, it goes nowhere.

And that completes my report of what is wrong on the blog today. Carry on.


RC Mishra said...

आप को कन्फ्यूज होने की कोई ज़रूरत नही है, यदि हिन्दी मे लिखना या पढना है तो आप अक्षरग्राम पर पधारेँ|

canary said...

Your blog is very interesting!
Please, send me the photo of your pc desktop.
I'll publish on my blog.

Raine said...

ok then- how do these people read boxes and lines that all look the same I wonder. and now arent you dying of curiosity to find out just what you said in Hindi and what that guy said in return?? LMAO you must post it if you do find out!!

wolfbaby said...

my eyes are seriously crossed. that would give anyone a headace.

'Tart said...

Well, that is Hindi. I enabled the button, yup on purpose, cause it was supposed to enable people to read in it. I did not know it wrote in it! I do know that I wrote "I am confused" in that langue, so I'm pretty sure that's what mine said.

I don't know what Mr. Mishra said though, although Husband says maybe he can take it to work and someone will know. I'm not sure if he's joking.

But the Tart gets such a kick out touching other cultures and being visited by other countries. So I say more power to 'em. God bless the Hindi (which I believe is a language of India but I could be wrong), and the rest of us too.

MYSTI said...

How funny! Know you are in my thoughts and prayers my friend. Hugs