Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Of Course! You're an incompetent idiot, THAT's Why!!!!!!

Oooooooh yeeaah!! I know there's dozen's, perhap's thousands out there waiting with bated breath to know the final installment, the veritable true outcome of 'The DMV Debacle.'

Oh, fair patrones of my site, I won't keep you waiting. Not one typewritten tittle longer. But let me tell you, patron, THIS IS GOOD! As in, it takes the f'n bureacratical cake right out the conservative (but UNnamed numnuts. because I am feeling kind) that usually perform things of this stupid nature right out of the usual places and into the hands of an even worse threat - the career civil servant - in my humble opinion.

Okay, okay, okay. I call my Commonwealth (remember, it's not a State) DMV to confirm receipt of my Medical report today. I faxed it last Thursday (I know you remember that I also mailed it a month before) and all's I want is to know that they received it and they are NOT GOING TO SUSPEND MY LICENSE as per the threat, I mean letter, that stated they were gonna if 'they didn't receive my Medical report by May 20th (original due date: April 30th).

I spoke with a Medical Department DMV individual (individual=moron, or often worse, in Tart vernacular. Secret's out). This individual tells me that they updated my report yesterday and the letter stating their little piss ant requirement has been filled, with date of next piss ant requirement (honestly criminals get parole, this is unbelievable treatment) on it. This is not good enough for Tart. Oh NO! I was polite but pushy and said I wanted a letter on Commonwealth of ______'s letterhead stating that they were not in fact going to suspend me. A suspension of the notice of suspension, if you get me.

Soooooo's I gets her Manager, since that was not something she handled. (!) Manager gets on phone and was the vision of puff and bluster, all condescending and going to put me in my place, as though she were being stared at by the other DMV minions and definitely had something to prove. TO MY CREDIT, I was non-flustered with this. (On my worst day I am at home typing about my issues or screaming to no one in particular. That lady works there 5 days a week. Need I say more?) I worked with the lady, allowing her to belittle me as she acted as though information that she was giving me for the FIRST time was something that any ONE of the 4, count them 4, previous DMV minions had told me. They had not. You are going to love this:

She was holding in her hand THE Medical report that I had MAILED earlier in the month. It was dated that they RECEIVED it April 8.

The Medical Report was originally DUE April 30th. THEY (now here's where we get to the the words like INADEQUATE...INCOMPETENT, kids) did not update my file until May 11.

This means that while they swear up and down they do not have the manpower to UPDATE my file, they were able, at some point, to hire a computer pro that put together a fabulous system to spit out SUSPENSION NOTICES on May 1.

So I call and call (they have 2 phone lines for the entire Commonwealth), I fax it out of fear - and the Beyotch had it the whole time. Not to mention the mix of unnamed emotions that I felt receiving a Suspension Notice, knowing good and well that I had sent it in plenty of time. Why you gotta piss off the bipolar?

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize she was full of sh_t. I mailed that thing the second week of April, there is no way she could have received it that EARLY!!!! Could there be more vapid liers than the pieces of cr_p they find to work in a Commonwealth DMV????? And while we're at it, why are we a frickin' Commonwealth? Like I said, its like they're too lazy to put in the papers to be a state. The entire thing sickens me. u80qw4p nuqo3tphroalj akpoviuopt[ ----- see I just barfed all over the page.

The crap I go through. It defies logic. It defies sense. It defies DECENCY.

Perhaps my computer will be spitting out letters, on Tart letterhead, sent daily to these blustermuffins describing how they should be proud that they put the Presidente de United States to shame,

oh and I wasn't gonna go there.

and that if they are not able to do their job at least they could be nice about it (or even take responsibility) for how horrible their system is when an innocent (but proactive) driver/taxpayer/victim calls them on it. What a privilege it is to drive. And some people wonder why there's road rage.


Raine said...

LOLOL congratulations on not being suspended

wolfbaby said...

glad your not suspended..

i'd have goten rude with them

what a bunch of idgets

'Tart said...

Wow, what a rant this one is. I think NO ONE on the planet should wonder why I have high blood pressure.
:) The Tart