Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The DMV thing - answering Raine's questions

Next question: The DMV thing.

Raine is worried that what I described in my other post could happen to her if she told a DMV official she was bipolar.

Hmmm. First advice: Don’t tell a DMV official that you are bipolar.

This whole thing was because I found myself in front of a driving counselor. Meaning that I had come to their attention because I ran into someone who stopped short right after a light had changed and I just slid right into him at 1.5 miles and hour. I was 17 and stupidly admitted fault. May I also say that I had 'received' by bipolar status just the year before and I was a young shaky bipolar that felt I must 'tell' at every turn, as if these idiots could do anything for me or because I felt morally driven to. It turned out someone had dashed in front of this person in front of me, causing him to brake, and therefore me to brake. The person who caused the accident, left the scene wasn’t there to admit fault and I was too young and naïve to wait for a police officer to inform me of this. (this seems the first screw, does it not? Just because I said something, do your damn job, PoPo, and write down who really did it. I think I have my 'subconcious reason' for hating the PoPo!!!!) So I received a ticket.

I paid the ticket. My mom wrote out a check. This is where things get the real Tart-life stamp on it. DMV didn’t think they received the check. Hmmm, where have I heard this before – they’re paper backlog caused their automatic system to issue a suspension. The very day that a sheriff issued the suspension to my mother (who never called to tell me) I was driving home from college with my laundry to do at home. I got stopped for a speeding ticket and told that I was driving on a suspended driver’s license. I started to cry as I really had no clue what they were talking about and I thought this was either some bizarre joke or weird computer error. The officer believed I was clueless, as the real ‘sentence’ is impounding my car and taking me to jail. Instead, he issued a speeding ticket and admonished me to go home and take care of the situation immediately.

Going to court, I paid $50 for the suspended thingy and $50 for the speeding ticket. The common defender informed me to say, "Guilty, your honor," and that would be it. Yes, Paris Hilton, hah, bite me darling. You see nice people CAN get off for, well…being nice. Whatever. Anyway I recall the Driving Counselor lady, and the obligatory retake of driving school (it was enjoyable, actually) and having to fill the medical report for all of my Commonwealth living life.

So, Raine, I don’t know what to tell you. Through a turn of events that I am entirely willing to believe that could only happen to me, me got screwed once again! Could it happen to you? I have provided EVERY detail (and I’m sorry, but you’re askin’ for it.) that I recall that led to the situation and you will just have to ask yourself! :)

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well I know I wont be volunteering My info- thanks Tart.