Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I really do surf the web too much.

Maria Shriver says she was just about to return to her job as an NBC correspondent when the 'Anna Nicole Frenzy' broke out. She was so disgusted that she quit her job entirely.

She will now be intermittantly bothering us with her jutting facial features and uber feminism. Yes, Ms. Shriver I can feel your 'feminism.'

Look, this lady does not fool me. She has tanked herself dutifully like all the other Kennedy women. Oh yes, they feign that important 'I'm from a political family' thing but the truth is that Grandpa Joe must have done such a number on every one of the female sex of his sad little presidential hopeful brood that every one has subserviated their personhood so their man could be a politician.

Ms. Shriver plays the 'I can bear four or five off-spring have a completely draining full time job trying to entertain millions with important sounding stuff (yes, Ms. Shriver they call that the news and all the famous anchors are reading it off the teleprompter.) AND keep my husbands best stuff in his pants as he, once again, plays politician.' Oh, Maria, Maria. Someone, please tell me what is the MATTER with Maria.

Pretentious, annoying, more than faintly condescending.

I like my Anna Nicole media frenzy, thank you very much. And if you can't fit in, well, be a baby and quit. I know I did and media publishing cries every day for it.

I guess you'll have to get a blog and whine on that.

Take that, irritation that I simply had to spit out. Like a percolating pearl, that one was. Damn I'm good. I can't help it. I too have skills and talents that go unpaid every day. Yet I live. So quit yer whinin'.

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