Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Pretty Much Lost It.

Well, as you can imagine, I was super excited to know that you can put a photo up BEHIND all your greeting stuff at beginning of blog. How absolutely thoughtful of blogger to make this available.

Sad, 'Mother Theresa' Emma will not stay up forever. I bet you're glad, as I am, because, well, she just looks ssooo sad and pathetic. Well, people, this is how I feel and I think it's only fitting that you should be stuck looking at it for a while.

Why am I so mean? Oh, people, PEOple, as I briefly mentioned below I'm steadily cruisin' for that rock bottom thing. I just have NO energy, don't want to work on any of my paper mess which I assure one and all is oh-so-extensive. That made me realize there is something Super Wrong, as only weeks, maybe month or more ago I was a dynamo in dealing with this cr_p. Turns out being a dynamo is precisely what is necessary, otherwise I walk over, kick it a little but Nope, nuthin' makes me care about it at the moment. I guess we all have our barometer.

In case anyone had convinced themselves that I was entirely useless, I did in fact go about dealing with family/after my Dad passed away issues today. I think I am to be congratulated. Because the frustration factor is just off the meter now. Well, it would be if I didn't things in my own hands and get mellow.

Today's debacle required calling what I am starting to call the 'bumpkin state' and dealing with seemingly complete non cooperation from said folks. Huh, I got so much done weeks ago when I was feeling 'higher' and was oh so honest and at that point somehow got oodles of help. Funny how when you are in the depths of depression and just want answers and don't feel like playing the human interaction game you can practically get nuthin done. Ah, I say practically because one of my big burdens IS much better now, thank you. I'd share but privacy is such an issue nowadays. I guess you'll just have to Wa-Wa-wa-wonder. :)

Well, I think I can additionally share that I feel Rather Funky right now. Nope, Tart can't imbibe, smoke or take dope so I have opted for the next best thing. I admit I have abused my prescription medication. At the moment I feel almost deaf, which is an awesome feeling! What the hell, you wonder? I took a an extra buttload of Depakote and this is what happens. Slowly, I can't even hear even myself tapping away on the keys. I feel a funky kind of shut down. Hmm, besides a slight concern that I won't go back to my hah 'normal' self, I'm seeing this as a super positive.

I was gonna say that I have a list for what has made me feel better today. It's short because I'm honest but here it is:

1) Despite massive stinkin' thinkin' I still smell great! Yes, my big high today was spritzing some Lancome Tresor on myself. Sad? Check out number 2.

2) I only had one great big laugh today. It occurred right when I first got on the computer today, cause one of my useless instant messengers directed me to it (does ANYone ever IM anymore? Oh I forgot nobody in blogland or reality gives a crap about me. Cool. I am cool with it. Really.). Okay, I am telling you right now this is NOT SOMETHING TO SHARE WITH THE KIDS. Is that a big enough disclaimer? And it is JUST BIZARRE and may even be INAPPROPRIATE and OBJECTIONABLE for some delicate eyes. But I did not name it one of the 'Best Clips of the Day' myself nor can I help that it made me laugh over and over like a sadistic little child.

I realize taken out of the context that it is you will all think me insane. But it made me laugh for so many reasons. For one, I wonder about Nancy Grace. And for another I'm thinking Wow, what rebellious balls her video minion Elizabeth has to do this. Oh, NANcy please don't fire her. She is fresh air. Really, you should value her honesty.

So without further ado, the most tasteless video Tart's ever had on her blog. But it made me laugh and laugh, so what Does That Say About Me? Dang I'm fun/funnee, even while going down the draaainnn!!

Snagged from the "This Just In" site, here's how they intro it: By the way check out the NANCY GRACE thing and IGNORE the other stuff. It's about the NANCY GRACE thing, people.

'Nothing says news and journalistic integrity like the words, "Nancy Grace Podcast." As the fem-bot attempts to nail Paris Hilton to the wall (finally, someone needed to take her to task!), her crew commits mutiny. Watch the crazy unfold...'

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Ignore the frickin' HTML. These sites make me practically have to learn it to get it on my site! I'm just glad it works. Later.


Raine said...

I really gotta getthe sound going on my puter!!! um the scenery was interesting LMAO

'Tart said...

Yeah. Having working speakers REALLY makes a difference on this one.

Raine said...

I have speakers. Problem is I also have ferrets who insist on playing back there and undoing the speaker wires.....