Monday, May 28, 2007

Now Posting Pretty Pictures


Medicine Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park, Montana

South Pacific

Parry clover and Trifolium Parryi, Yankee Boy Basin, Colorado

Parati Bay, Brazil

Colorful Lorakeets

White Crocus

Cherry Tree and Dandelion Meadow, Zug Canton, Switzerland

Because my life may never get back to 'normal' whatever the hell that means, and because here is not the place for me to parcel out anything that is probably going to make you, dear reader, feel any better, I will now return to a perrenial Jungletart favorite: posting pretty pictures.

Luckily a huge wailing screaming life-sucking cry has weakened me into being as feisty as a titmouse (that just sounded cool, I couldn't resist).There are many factors leading me down the not so primrose path of bottoming out. On the almost exciting front I have been accepted by Bipolar Planet ring. I have not checked their site to see if that means I'm on it (the supposed reason of being on a ring, I believe). Also, I thought I was accepted by the Bipolar ring (yes, a different ring altogether) but perhaps I am on queue? Well, welcome bipolars. Hopefully crappy days like I'm experiencing come few for ya.

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Raine said...

awwww honey I hope you feel better soon