Monday, January 1, 2007

My Ten Celebrity Goodbyes of 2006; A Happy New Year for The Rest of Us!!!:)

These celebrities just represent a little fun vaccuousness - people we actually got to see make a mark of joy in our lives. The truth is over 3,000 of our best, the youth and promise of our nation, have already passed in 2006 because our President sent them to war: Who knows the great things they would have gone on to do.

They gave their lives for you and I, with no chance to receive the public fame or to make marks of longevity that many of the people highlighted here enjoyed. I pray we all take the time to think of their bereaved families and the incredible national resource that is being lost.


Every year many famous people leave us, and 2006 has been no exception. I could not possibly show all the folks that have gone, not even all of the 41 that MSN had pictures of, the same place where I snagged these photos. Photobucket wouldn't let me load Steve Irwin's pic, since I was over the 10 pic limit. Also, James Brown is not here but I'm pretty sure you know what he looks like too. We also lost our 38th President, Gerald Ford, whose life is being memorialized and commemorated today.

That means I have picked 10 famous people that passed on this year to highlight, all because I like them and because you may not realize in fact that they have left us, some of their passing is shocking if not for their youth and some are just icons and deserve noting. Each one mattered, and you may be surprised by who some of them are, I know I was. My thought is, "How could they be gone?" Fame or not, we all go, and that is worth noting too.

I was utterly shocked that Bruno Kirby passed, from complications of leukemia, he's my 'Good Morning, Vietnam' uptight sergeant and the guy that saves Billy Crystal from an uptight life in the 'City Slickers' movies.

I love, love Shelley Winters. Even most the most awesome must pass someday.

June Allyson: I love her most for the role she played as Glenn Miller's wife in the movie about him. I know she's done tons of sweet housewives, but that's my personal favorite.

Maureen Stapleton: Strong woman characters, not afraid to be not so pretty either. Wasn't she the mom in 'Family' on T.V.? Talented, she deserves a fond farewell.

Jane Wyatt: Such a beloved strong upright mom character on 'Father Knows Best.' The beautiful 50's mom.

Jack Palance: Fantastic view on life - never fell for the Hollywood drama and mystique, was in fact a great lover of life. Great knarly sinister characters and the best 'Ripley's Bel. it or Nt' host ever. Another 'City Slickers' alum, may we all do one-armed push ups after 70-years old on the Oscars! :)

Well, I have come this far with near personal obits for each, all so deserving. (hunh, remember it was my JOB! I'm scaring myself). Well, it's late on New Year's Eve and I want to spend it with my family. So may I end quickly ~ Don Knotts' bug-eyed hilarity is in fact an icon, and Al Lewis personifies Grandpa Munster and I don't want him forgotten. Dana Reeves is such a sad young death, I think perhaps Superman's true Lois could not be parted from him. Don't forget Chris Penn, I bet you loved him in 'Footloose' and didn't realize it. What a sadness for his family, including brother Sean. And he died of heart failure not pesky drugs, so you don't have to feel quilty for missing him.

This sucked a lot of 'party time' last evening from my family. I have fought with Photobucket into New Year's Day to get this slide show to show, at this point I'm grateful you can see it, even though technically it got its own post!!

Here's to the fun and vaccuous in 2007 - may we all appreciate this gift that is life. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! Love, The Tart.


Cheesemeister said...

Good choices! I like all of them too.
Best wishes for the coming year!

MYSTI said...

Its sad seeing all those that passed. They did bring a lot of entertainment to our lives though so that I am thankful for.

I am missing you gf! I am trying to give you space to feel better. I know you are sick. Please know though that you are in my thoughts and prayers! I look forward to catching up via the phone with you when you are feeling better. Please let me know when it is a good time to call. :)

Smalltown RN said...

Hey part 3 of "Wolfden Bar and Grill" is up over at my blog..go check it out and see what you are up too....


Smalltown RN said...

I think you did a great job on this post....some of those actors you listed were some of my favourites as well...thank you for the walk down memory lane....

Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

I will really miss Don Knotts. I am a real classic TV geek and Barney Fife and Ralph Furley are two of my favorites of all time. All those you mentioned were great! Hope you have a great new year! Smile and go kick a cat!