Thursday, January 11, 2007

Somethin' just aint right.

I feel as though I should just be shot. Never ending, bullsh*t problems. So typical that I leave response on other people's blogs about hanging in there and how we all go this crap, and I am just so damn tired of it.

When a person is deprived of enough sleep they start out cranky and go right into hom*cidal thoughts. I am so pissed that when my husband snores it does not in fact bother him. Oh, he's done the sleep study even straightening of the ol' deviated septum, yet I have the Soprano's on so loud it really could wake the dead just to hear it over Mr. Sawing Logs. I asked him to remove himself, find a different place to be noisy after all, he's the offender. This is a joke as he won't budge, since he needs the 'good' sleep for his job and I'm the nobody waltzing around in dreamland during the day. I'm just so out of it, premenstrual, yeah you guessed it. There should be Get Out of Crap Just One Day cards, and have one issued ya know even once, to me.

And I'm up blogging. Life's a bitch aint it?


Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

I'll loan ya my "GET OUT OF THE CRAPPER FREE" card if you promise to give it right back......

Try stuffing a cat, dog, bird or some other small live animal in your fella's might work...

I have woke up many a morning with a cat draped from my mouth and my wife sleeps great!

'Tart said...

That's just cute! Yes, I have a choice between Pug or Siamese to choose from.

But you know, I have learned it is incredibly easy to adopt from the pound. I could get seven a week and always have one to shove.

Thanks for the great idea!

wolfbaby said...

LOL my hubs snors like you would not belive.. good thing we for the most part sleep in different shifts.. So long as I go to bed before him i do ok.. but if i go to bed after him im shuvin him and say ROLL OVER cause he dosn't snore nearly as bad on his side.. have you tried those nose strips?

'Tart said...

Oh, absolutely, I am right there with you with the shoving. He wakes up like, 'Whut?' which makes me wish I had hit him harder (for fun you know, one must get their kicks :) The strips are a joke, someone somewhere is laughing all the way to bank with that one, cause we all try it, hoping so hard and it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Now, in my desperation, I informed Husband that he will be trying that new stuff you drink, in a last ditch effort to find SOMEthing that helps. I *know* the problem is his gullet or that thingy that hangs down in the back of your throat. But nothing's helping so far and I'm up now, partly because I give up trying. I mean, hey, nobody cares if I sleep till 2 p.m. or later, I don't get fired from anything and my house looks as crappy as it did yesterday. If I'm not here one day, ya know just lost it and am sitting in the QR of a hospital, nobody's gonna wonder why. Don't you love that kind of artistic freedom to led it all hang out? Or the just-not-caring-anymore factor? Yer looking at her.
:) Tart

'Tart said...

Just to let ya all know, it's 5:37 a.m. and I haven't gone to bed yet.

This is a combination of PMS, for which I simply can't be held responsible, that causes me to about as bizarre as a medicated bipolar can be. The other thing is 'He's' sleeping in my bed and I guess I decided not to put up with it at ALL this evening, and 'wait my turn.'

I took my meds 15 minutes ago, they will hit, and he will get up to go work. My not-so-secret plan is working splendidly, except if I keep this up, I will go manic and lose my mind.

But ya know, I got pretty good sleep in the ol' l'hospital, I mean after the week or so of psychosis, etc., and subsequent weeks of pure and utter hell, the thing that makes sleep wonderful is the DRUGS, the MediCAtions you can get just for being an f'n insomniac. Ativan rocks. Course, they wouldn't give it to me last time (during my 5 day stay, as I call it) cause they say its about addictive as coCAINE. I think they just can't stand for a person with no joy to Have any joy. But that's between you and me.