Thursday, January 11, 2007

Must...have...CHEESE!!!!!!!! (I hope I didn't ruin it for you.)

As yew can see, I have made a few changes to the ol' blogaroo (today's accent is Yogi Bear. Please try to keep up). Picture above is a tundra pond near Mount McKinley, Denali, National Park, Alaska. Hoo hoo hoooo!!

Next, we see a gri-hi-hizzly BEAR in Mt. Kalinat, Alaska. Now some would think...we have a theme here...perhaps it is Alaska...perhaps it is a theme a-bout bears...

I think it is be-cause Tart likes to talk like Yogi Be-her-her!!

Tart interjects: No, Yogi, it's really because I thought that first picture was really pretty so I posted it, and then I saw the grizzly one and realized it so went with that one, so there you are. It's cuz they are pretty pictures, are they not, Yogi?

You are COR-rect, Tart! I do con-cur. Hoo-hoo-hoo. Is there anything else I can do for you-hoo-hooooo?!

No Yogi. I'm done with ya. You lovely style of being annoying is no longer needed. Thank you, so much. :)

Be aware that Forrest, Forrest Gump is a good friend of mine, as well. You have been spared, until a future time when he can be contained no more. I would, if I were you, consider yoself verry, verry lucky. Jesus, wuz that Yosemite Sam? Don't worry, I'm stuffing him back to a mud flap somewhere. Again, we're all safe.

No but really, I am quite positive that I must be premen-stru-elle due to the fact that I have no appetite (why, WHY can't that be a year round thing?), am feeling awfully creative for no good reason whatsoever (I don't think this is a crime, nor a 'usual' PMS symptom but since it IS occuring I can only assume it must be one), oh my GOD - I am aching for cheeeeeese, like Doritos DIPPED in Tostito cheese sauce and I know I would not be able to stop the guttural making-love-to-food noises that would be emanated. Seriously, my hair is beyond greasy, I'm wearing the only alumni t-shirt that I own that actually has the year I graduated (it's beyond sentimental for me, hence the fact that despite the fact that it has some bizzarre burn marks that no one knows How could have happened, I STILL won't throw the thing out) I am contemplating a convenience store run and purchasing everything cheesy available. I guess I'm completely weird in that I don't CARE about chocolate, I don't need it honest, I just want CHEESE and I want to gobble it and I want it NOW.

Good God, I don't know what to say. I mean, at least I'm in good humor, at least I still have some JOYs in life.

Yes, well besides cheese, I had a real good time manipulating my html this evening and getting all kinds of good things to show up. That could either sound just downright sick, or a "Dirty Job" scenario for that hot guy (hey it can't be just me, isn't that guy hot?) to do. Manipulate html, isn't that like the time he was doing the Dirty Job that required him to get the stud stuff for equine artificial insemination (that means: getting a high quality horse pregnant, duh!). Well, anyway, he's hot, that guy that does the show "Dirty Jobs" on the Discovery Channel. I gotta hot job for...oh heck, cut me a break people, I'm throwing it right out on the internet winds that I'm premenstrual. Dang, that sounded sick too.

NOOOO, I'm NOT deleting it, can I help it if all I'm thinkin' about is Doritos dipped in Cheese Sauce and maybe a grocery store run for the quality stuff......Whut thu, is that drool on my sweatpants...?!


Raine said...

maybe you are having an "up" at the same time you are premenstrual? That would be cool. BEats the heck out of being depressed and menstruating:P

MYSTI said...

Glad you are so up! I love the kitten in the hammock at the top of your page! Very cute, and it made me smile.