Tuesday, January 9, 2007

One of A Kind

That is in fact what each of us is. It's funny how we can each get so wrapped up in our own thing. A slightly funny thing happened tonight to me at bowling. I was going to sit down on a seat next to my husband, and I saw a penny on the seat. When I went to put my finger on it to pick it up and move it, I felt this funny vibe, literally a magnetic feeling, so much so that the hair on my finger went straight up. I did this a few times confirming that it would happen again, which it did, at least three times, and I said, "Huh, do you feel this?" to my husband. He picked up the penny and said, "What?"

This got me to thinking a few things. I realized that each of us is a ball of magnetic energy, full of flesh, a soul, all kinds problems and thoughts swirling around our heads. You can sit very close to other people and YET they can be nearly inperceptible to you. (Or if you have ever been in love, incredibly aware of the other). But, don't you ever think that every person you see is not completely consumed with the miracle that is them or that they don't deserve the right to exist and go right ahead and do so. Legally and as principles of morality as a society we HAVE to respect each other, or literally there are legal and moral ramifications. And that is all good. And an insane miracle.

Isn't it amazing that we are all made of the same stuff but absolutely unequivicably we are unique? Does this not also say its a miracle that we can find others that are anywhere alike to us? And doesn't it also say that we are each worth taking care of, even if it means we alone do it for ourselves, because its just nuts how special we are?

Honestly, these are just facts of life, as in part of what it is to be human. Yes, sadly, there are people who live their WHOLE LIVES and never get any of this. I guess I do live an artist's life in that I have time to think of stuff like this, but if you've got time to read this then the visual information has reached your brain and you can access its reality and EVEN better you, I, can do something about it.

There isn't anything you even have to do, soak it in, it's just neat. :)

Please don't steal this, as I am a bipolar, unpublished carbon unit that did nothing but spill brain cells upon 'paper' for your reading pleasure for no money, no real reason whatsoever. You are a mean little carbon unit that deserves to have your balls cut off if you can't even cite me. Thank you, The Tart.


Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

At least you have the good luck to find money! Any kind of money! Ha ha

Raine said...

Who is stealing? Those guys again that Eni was talking about?

'Tart said...

Anybody. Balls off. I mean it.

I don't know who specifically, but I'm just warning. Probably MY Bipolar manic thing, thinking this was awesome and stealable.

But when I read it to my husband he got all glassy-eyed and yawned.

I think I WiLL keep collecting pennies!! :)

wolfbaby said...

LOL i love that last part!!!

as for the rest.. wow.. im going to think for a bit then maybe get back to you.. brain cells are drisel at the moment;P