Monday, January 15, 2007

Thoughts inspired by a black and white of Mr. Miller

Arthur Miller (right) with Dad, Isadore, 1961

Who among us doesn't want to be a writer? I think that question is well posed, and presses forth the assumption that many of us bloggers do want to be one, and for good reason, because while yes, there must be many reasons to blog (oh, I don't know, putting up pretty pictures, expressing oneself just because, or making that blog to show baby's growth to lots of in-laws without having to call or send pics each week ~ yeah, all good reasons) I think inside many of us is that desire to let out the need to just type and have SOMEbody, SOMEwhere read it. Additionally, the desire for it to be quality. The desire for it to go somewhere, you know when you're not actually working on 'the book'. You're not giving away plots or anything, just amusing yourself and maybe one other blogger/internet user or two.

Yes, I'm pretty sure that's why I do it. AND it's a shame for a B.A. in English to go to complete waste.

Well, I would like to remind that Arthur Miller wrote 'Our Town,' one of those plays that gets piteously redone over and over, sort of a primer for acTORS and continues to be somewhat adored. (That accent or embellishment was for no particular reason aTALL.) Then there's 'The Crucible' that I recall having to read in 11th grade (before I untimely got sick and experienced the bipolar crucible). Yes, Arthur won the Pulitzer for something, I do believe, and got to marry Marilyn Monroe. Is there more to life? For a man, I can't imagine (and I am imagining since since I'm not one). Also, he did not have the heathen stupidity to off himself like Hemingway (a Pulitzer prize-winner and OBvious bipolar). The Pulitzer is the biggest prize in writing, why not hang around to see how the rest of it goes, dofus? Anyhow, Mr. Miller let Marilyn do the offing.

Unless you believe the conspiracy theories, and that nice Mr. Kennedy was involved. (Notice nobody wishes our present president 'Happy Birthday' quite like Ms. Monroe did. Yeah. Who'd want to? (Down 'Tart, down!)

See what an Arthur Miller pic will inspire in me? Now, continue studying for the test. (WHUT?! You didn't know there was a test? Yeah, that's a trick statement. You're already experiencing the test. Oh, how New Age of me.)

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Raine said...

Hmmmmmm would I like to be a writer? If I had the talent , the imagination and ability to sit down and do such a thing yeah, but I dont. However I do enjoy and respect the talent of so many others. Why do I blog? I started cause I thought I had to have a blog in order to put my two cents on someone elses blog and I blog cause it helps to get stuff out of my head that doesnt need to be there............. aspirations to be a writer? not really- I'd love Steven King's paychecks tho:P