Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The AIDS Quilt (proving once again ~ it's all Bush's fault)

Just read an article about the AIDS quilt and all the dickering the people in charge of it are doing with each other. It’s a ‘folk art’ project, so in my mind that is going to be problems all around. I hated my folk art prof and her class in college. It doesn’t even seem like a real job or a real thing to teach. I like the concept of some item being folk art, but either you buy it to put in your house or look at it in a museum and walk away. I would hate to ‘be in charge of it,’ that’s for sure.

It’s infuriating about the AIDS quilt because they fight and fight and just cannot see the overall picture. There’s no use in having a foundation for the thing if you don’t display it. Stunningly, it would cover 6 city blocks if it were completely unfurled and represents about 91,000 names of people who have already died of AIDS.

So the guy (a Mr. Jones) who use to be in charge of the foundation got fired, sued them insisting that they get off the pot and make him President of the foundation (hmm, is this person high or manic? Or just dying of a catastrophic illness and just wants to get to the important parts as quickly as possible?). The original beef was that he wanted it displayed in D.C. during the 2004 election.

Let me state this plainly. If Cheney, oops I mean Bush, can get weasels into the Senate to stop a piddly little non-binding (but potentially embarrassing) vote stopped which would decry the Iraq War ~ something they are presently working on this very minute ~ don’t you think it would be a piece of cake for The Regime to control if a ‘little ol’ quilt with embarrassing potential had unfurled during decision making time?

Why doesn’t The Regime just give up and think about the fn mess they are creating for someone else to mop up? I keep saying that Bush will go down in history as The Worst President Ever. He is an embarrassment to my generation and everyone else who has sat idly by why he and his cronies ruin everything from the environment, our human rights rep, foreign policy, health care, the U.S. economy and all the other the contents of U.S. borders and that includes the New Orleans debacle which may be the finest example of a President not giving a crap about his own citizens EVER! Yeah, Baby Boomers that means you too, sitting on you’re a**es, waiting for your $200 a month in Social Security that you worked so hard for. WHAT are we afraid of?Wake UP and at least speak the truth!!!!!! They kill people for what I just said in Turkey, but clearly that's not the place I live! So for the record, I Never voted for the bastard, not once, so I think I have rights to lay it out plainly. Why did normies fall for this? Ye only have yeselves to blame!


Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

I is W's fault. Also, I liked your blog on Barbaro. Sad to see him go but glad he is not in pain anymore. If I owned him and had the money, I would have done the same thing the owners did.

'Tart said...

Thank you, Lord of the Idiyouts! :)

thumbs up back at ya! :)

wolfbaby said...

Amen !!1