Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2007 GG's: Beauteous Vacuousness :)!!!

Alright, Behold the blog Adventures of a JungleTart is given to fits of genuine vacuousness now and then, so Tart wants to use this venue to talk about the 2007 Golden Globes.

Why are the Golden Globes important or worth noting, you may ask. Isn't it just another award ceremony to add to all the other ad nauseum award ceremonies? Well, the truth is Golden Globes are a huge indicator as to who will probably win the Oscar.

You've heard of the Oscars, correctomundo?

So if you give a poop about Oscars, if you've ever been one of those people to have the list of potential winners in hand, with popcorn in the other while wearing comfortable slippers, sitting in the lounge chair with a soft blanket waiting with bated breath as to who will win for your favorite movie, actor or category ~ then you shooooooould give a poop for the ol' Golden Globes!

Here you will find the low-down on winners that the Tart found interesting, whether for who they are, what they wore, whether they should have won, or the likelihood if they'll ever win again. Buon appetit!!

I put this one in simply for cree-aa-tive dressing. Is this New Age goddess gowning? Ellen Pompeo, Grey's Anatomy. Is she worried we might actually know how large her bottom is, or perhaps she is trying to look like a bonafide Greek urn? Sorry folks, not a fan, but where DOES she find a stylist that'll find this? Cre-at-ive, fer sher.
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Helen Mirren. Wins twice for two different queen portrayals. Looks like a classy lady to me. Sometimes its hard for an older actress to get parts (yes, even if they've won Oscars and all of it!), so it's good that she's loading up on the awards. (Hey, they don't call me "Tart" for nothin'.)
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Love this gal. Kyra Sedgewick. Married to Kevin Bacon. Now that's got to be an interesting partnership, him always playing those mean as nails bad guys, her as the Southern detective that kicks butt in detecting and ratings (people, watch 'The Closer' and you'll have no doubt why I gush about her). I knew she'd be getting an award for this show, I said it a long time ago. If she hadn't, it would have been criminal.
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Sascha Baron Cohen wins Best Actor in a Funny Film. He beat out Johnny Depp for 'Curse of the Black Pearl.' This is insanity, people. I would pay, yes even bribe, to have Johnny Depp win an award, swagger toward the stage, impress the importance of black eyeliner on a new generation of anyone, and probably lend his hotness to a fabulous treasured photo or two, for me personally. I'm absolutely not feeling it with Sascha, savvy?!! ...Although, he is much cuter as a 'normal' person, no?
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What's an award show, anywhere, without Meryl Streep? Streep's got the mystique from seeming decades worth of acting that screams the classy female actor (most don't like being called 'actress' did you know?) that deserves the big bucks and the big awards. Well, that's just her rep, but I will say she is easing into even the older roles with grace and still getting the juicy, plum ones still. Yes, you can see her aging (what IS wrong with aging? Nothing. We ALL do it. Sheesh. It's just that Hollywood and advertising is evil about it, and you know it. Don't hate me cause I'm honest.) and darn it, she's doing it so well. The truth is, I want to see her and a choice few like her (because of talent) do movies until the flesh falls off their face. And I do mean that.

One of the movies I own of her is "Death Becomes Her" and in it, she's eventually made up to look 'old' and she is now steadily creeping towards that, and frankly, super gracefully. Stunning job in 'The Hours' although Nicole Kidman definitely eclipsed her. Ah well, I could go on... behold Ms. Streep. with her 'Devil Wear's Prada' Best Actress win.

Ay yi YI! I cannot think of a more deserving guy to win Best Actor for a Drama, 'Last King of Scotland.' Why? I have noticed him slogging along playing good character actors but the truth is, I noticed him most as the loveable sidekick to Robin Williams in 'Good Morning Vietnam.' One of my most favoritist movies of ALL time, I knew then he deserved big wins, the big stakes. Seriously. Excellent job, Mr. Whitaker!

Will Smith did NOT win Best Actor in a Drama for 'Pursuit of Happyness.' He was beaten by Forest Whitaker, which was a fine choice. BUT, I think he is one of nicest guys in that business and Tart wants to put his picture here. That is all.

Clint Eastwood, smart man. Excellent actor and when he decided to hang that up for a while, became an excellent director, and one who racks up awards for every project he does. He is noted for the best deadpan (as noted by MSN)this year after Best Director of a Foreign-Language Film, 'Letters from Iwo Jima,' "You don't know what this does for my confidence."

Why is Reese Witherspoon here? Why, Ms. Witherspoon came to the GG's of course, dahling! I love Reese, honey she don't need that ol' two timing ex, and isn't she just a Golden kitten! Mwanh, you'll be getting more of those awards again soon, Reese, I can feel it.

Next, a prediction AND and simply because I want her beauteous face to grace my blog:

DRUMROLL please......in Tart's opinion, the next to win, I guess next year or something when she finally makes a film again....Ms. Nicole Kidman!!!!!!!!!

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Mwanh, to all you theater, movie and awards watchers! I gotta go. Til next time!!!! Peace out, and popcorn does not have that many calories and you know it, so INDULGE! :)

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